Simpson Policies and Job Descriptions


Advocacy Policy (PDF, 56KB, 1 page)

Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF, 23KB, 1 page)

Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF, 33KB, 4 pages)

Credit Card Policy (PDF, 68KB, 3 pages)

Critical Incident Management Policy (PDF, 240 KB, 2 pages)

Designated Fund Policy - Revised January 8, 2019 (PDF, 75KB, 4 pages)

Ethics Policy (PDF, 68KB, 2 pages)

Endowment Fund Policy - Adopted January 8, 2019 (PDF, 121KB, 3 pages)

Fundraising Policy (PDF, 72KB, 3 pages)

Gift Solicitation Acceptance Policy (PDF, 27KB, 3 pages)

Grievance Policy for Patrons (PDF, 49KB, 1 page)

Internal Controls Policy (PDF, 57KB, 3 pages

Investment Policy (PDF, 53KB, 1 page)

Meeting Room Policy (PDF, 494KB, 7 pages)

Mentoring Policy (PDF, 370KB, 1 page)

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Policy (PDF, 24KB, 2 pages)

Purchasing Policy (PDF, 25KB, 2 pages)

Sexual Abuse and Molestation Policy (PDF, 248KB, 11 pages)

Sponsorship Policy (PDF, 19KB, 1 page)

Strategic Partnerships Policy (PDF, 182KB, 2 pages)

Succession Plan (PDF, 89KB, 7 pages)

Test Proctoring Policy (PDF, 40KB, 3 pages)

Third Party Event Procedure (PDF, 33KB, 3 pages)

Tobacco Free Policy (PDF, 40KB, 1 page)

Video Surveillance Policy (PDF, 54KB, 2 pages)

Weapons in the Library Policy (PDF, 18KB, 1 page)

Whistleblower Policy (PDF, 75KB, 2 pages)


Job Descriptions

Organizational Chart (PDF, 23KB, 1 page)

Administrative Assistant (PDF, 30KB, 2 pages)

Bookkeeper (PDF, 29KB, 2 pages)

Children's Programmer (PDF, 36KB, 2 pages)

Children's Services Coordinator (PDF, 64KB, 2 pages)

Custodian (PDF, 28KB, 2 pages)

Development Coordinator (PDF, 32KB, 2 pages)

Digital Services Librarian (PDF, 65KB, 3 pages)

Executive Director (PDF, 30KB, 2 pages)

Facilities Manager (PDF, 28KB, 2 pages)

Library Aide (PDF, 56KB, 2 pages)

Public Services Coordinator Assistant Director (PDF, 33KB, 3 pages)

Technical Services Manager (PDF, 67KB, 2 pages)

Young Adult Programmer (PDF, 65KB, 2 pages)



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July 23, 2021