Simpson Signature Selections

Simpson Signature Selections

The Joseph T. Simpson Public Library needs your support to continue expanding the library’s collections with new materials. Books remain one of the main library services requested by the more than 750 people who visit our library every day. Each year, it is important to add new releases and best sellers to our children, teen, and adult collections to keep it fresh and interesting to our patrons.

March 2020 marks the beginning of the library’s annual Simpson Signature Selections fundraising campaign. Our goal this year is to raise a minimum of $15,000 through tax-deductible donations to this unique fundraising campaign.

What makes this campaign different from others is that you have the opportunity to personally select where you would like your donation to be focused. The enclosed list of items contains a wide variety of genres from which you can choose. Every new selection will have a bookplate inserted recognizing the name of the donor. This is a wonderful opportunity to show support of your library and add materials that you would like to read for leisure or to use in researching your hobbies and interests.

What sparks your interest? What materials would you enjoy having available for your reading pleasure? Your financial support will enable us to direct our purchase of materials for patrons of all ages.

Please consider supporting us through a tax-deductible donation to the Simpson Signature Selections fundraising campaign.

Thank you for your support as we continue providing library services to our community of readers.

Simpson Signature Selections Brochure (PDF, 918KB, 2 pages)


To Use Where Needed Most

1. $_____ to use where needed most

For Entertainment, Enrichment, Enjoyment, and Exploration

2. $150 for ten music CDs
3. $200 for five books on CD
4. $100 for four DVDs
5. $125 for five fiction or mystery books
6. $125 for five large print books
7. $100 for four biographies or nonfiction books
8. $100 for four history books
9. $100 for four cookbooks
10. $100 for four travel books
11. $100 for four home and garden books
12. $100 for four health books
13. $100 for four hobby and craft books
14. $25 for a one-year magazine subscription

WiFi Hotspots

15. $90 to fund the cost of one hotspot for three months
16. $180 to fund the cost of one hotspot for six months
17. $360 to fund the cost of one hotspot for one year

For Children and Teens

18. $150 for ten teen books
19. $150 for ten children’s books
20. $75 for five teen books
21. $75 for five children's books
22. $25 for one teen book
23. $25 for one children's book

Simpson Celebrity

24. Sponsor a day at the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library for $100. You can designate your sponsorship in honor or in memory of a loved one or celebrate a special occassion such as a birthday or retirement.



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