Advocate For Your Library

Advocate for your library!

State-Level Funding Request

Cumberland County Library System and its member libraries are dependent upon strong State funding to maintain library operations.


It looks promising that PA libraries will receive an increase in the public library subsidy through the work of the General Assembly and leadership of Representative Stan Saylor, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.  


In order to get this done, we need to ensure that we ask specifically for $5 million now as part of a multi-year plan to restore operational funds.


What Can You Do?

Please contact your PA Senators now, call the district office or email –

  1. Ask them to support adding $5 million to the public library subsidy budget line this year as part of restoring operational funds to libraries. 

  2. If they agree, please ask them to convey this support to their party leaders asap!  For Republicans this would be Senator Jake Corman, and for Democrats this would be Senator Jay Costa. 

  3. If they are willing, please have your Senator also tell Senator Patrick Browne, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, that they support adding $5 million this year to the public library subsidy line.  

It is important that YOUR ELECTED officials contact their party leaders and Senator Browne.  Negotiations to finalize the budget will be in the hands of just a few leaders. We need to be very specific to avoid losing out because of differing requests or messages.

Where Can You Find Contact Information?

On the left side-bar of this page, please find a listing of PA Senators. Don't know who represents you? You can search by municipality. 



Page Updated: 

May 30, 2019

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