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Tell Congress: Don't Disconnect US

On January 25, one in six households in the U.S. was notified that the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is ending - nearly 23 million families who will be forced to choose between a broadband connection and other necessities. The American Library Association is asking you to contact Congress to extend funding to this critical program because libraries care about ensuring all individuals and communities have access to and use of information and communication technologies. The ACP is crucial to bridging the digital divide. Learn more at

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Public libraries in Pennsylvania will see level funding in 2024

Our sincere thanks goes out to the state elected officials who voted to pass HB 301 during the December session. When the State Budget was passed in July, elected officials failed to pass the necessary school code bill to release budgeted funds to public libraries. With the Governor's signature now on HB 301, our libraries will not need to dip into reserves, take out loans, cancel important purchases, furlough staff or reduce hours. 

Because they passed the needed distribution language for the public library subsidy, which is found in the school code, we will continue to operate strong libraries in Cumberland County.

Thank you to our advocates throughout Cumberland County for making our needs known through letters, phone calls, emails, and news releases.

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