Advocate For Your Library

Advocate for your library!

State-Level Funding Request

Cumberland County Library System and its member libraries are dependent upon strong State funding to maintain library operations.

The current budget for libraries in PA is $54.47 million. We are asking for $11.28 million more in 2019 and another $9.57 million in 2020. 


Why these amounts

The total over the two years would restore the public library subsidy to the $75 million level where we were in 2008-2009.  There have been too many articles in the news this past year about libraries considering cutting hours, closing, cutting collections and staff because their budgets are stretched so thin. Investing in libraries is investing in education, workforce development, literacy, life-long learning, and our communities!


What can you do?

Engage with your PA Representatives and Senators. Find your elected officials on the left side of this website, and when you contact them, provide some context with your legislators by sharing a little about your library experience. 



Page Updated: 

April 11, 2019

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