Computers and Internet Services

Does the library have computers that I can use?

Yes.  All Cumberland County libraries have computers with Internet service and Microsoft Office software that you can use.  Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for any library card holder in good standing.  Guest cards are usually available at each library for visitors.  To make Internet computers available to as many people as possible, there is usually a time limit per day.  The time limit varies from library to library.

Does the library have wireless Internet service?

Yes.  All Cumberland County libraries provide wireless Internet access for people with wireless-enabled computer and smart phones at no charge.

Can I print pages out from library computers?

Yes, each library has printers that the public may use.  Printing costs $0.25 per page.

Where can I copy, scan or fax pages?

  Photocopies Printing Faxing Scanning
Amelia Given X X X


Bosler X X X X
Coy X X X X
East Pennsboro X X



Fredricksen X X X X
John Graham X X X


New Cumberland X X


Simpson X X X X

Contact your library for information on pricing and procedures

Does the library have wireless printing?

Yes. You can print your documents wirelessly by using our SmartALEC printing service.

Do library computers have Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint software?

Yes, each library has computers equipped with Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint 2016.

Will someone at the library teach me how to use the Internet?

Library customers using public computers should have a basic knowledge of using computers. Library staff may be able to assist with small issues. 

For more help, you can borrow books from the library about using the Internet or specific software.  Please ask your librarian for help picking out some items.

Does the library have headphones for me to use?

No, but you can bring your own headphones or earbuds to use with the library's computers.