Cumberland County Library System Adminstration BuildingThe system's headquarters office is an independent agency of county government that is designated to provide library service. The headquarters coordinates and supports the county's 7 independent public libraries. It provides computer technology services, library collection support, staff training, library services for homebound older adults, interlibrary delivery, and management support.

The Cumberland County Commissioners appoint a 7-member library system board to govern the system.  Commissioner Jean Foschi serves as the County Commissioners' liaison to the library system board.


Mission Statement
The Cumberland County Library System’s mission is to plan, develop, coordinate and provide comprehensive public library services for residents through a cooperative network of public libraries.
Core Values and Beliefs
The Cumberland County Library System’s primary focus is to meet the cultural, educational and informational needs of library users and community residents. To that end, the library system affirms that:

• Libraries are forums for information and ideas, enabling community residents to have the fullest access to books and other library resources;
• Free access to library materials and services is essential for community residents’ education, employment, enjoyment and self-governance;
• Parents and guardians have the responsibility and right to guide their own children’s use of the library and its resources;
• Library services must be designed to maximize the system’s available financial resources in order to meet the broadest base of community needs;
• Community residents and visitors shall be treated courteously and fairly through the development and consistent application of library services, policies and procedures.