Simpson Test Proctoring FAQ’s

What is test proctoring?
Reference librarians are available to administer exams from institutions including distance learning centers, colleges and universities, and licensing agencies. The proctor will verify identification and ensure that the time limit for taking the test is adhered to, that no unauthorized sources are used, and that the completed test is returned in the manner specified.

Where does the testing take place?
Tests are administered in the tutoring rooms on the second floor of the library. The proctor does not stay in the room while the test is being taken.

When is test proctoring available?
A test can be scheduled any time the library is open. The earliest start time is 15 minutes after the library opens and exams may not be started during the last hour the library is open. A mutually agreed upon time will be chosen, with evening and weekend times available.

How do I begin the process?
The test taker contacts the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library Reference Department to set up an appointment. He or she notifies the school or institution of the library's address and any other pertinent information. (If needed, the library can provide a signed letter for the institution indicating our role as a test proctoring site.) The test is then sent from the school or institution to the library.  The test taker will contact the library before the scheduled appointment to ensure that the exam has arrived. After the test is taken and papers are signed indicating that the appropriate procedures were used, the test is then sent back to the institution for grading.

Who is eligible for this service?
Anyone who needs to take an exam through a school or institution that allows for test proctoring. This includes homeschoolers, high school students, distance education learners, and more.

Who do I contact?
Please call the Reference Department at the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library at 717-766-0171. Provide the librarian with your full name and contact information, plus the name of the school or institution which will be sending the exam. If the institution requires a signed proctor's statement before sending an exam, you must provide the blank statement to the proctor when making initial arrangements.  These statements can be dropped off in person, mailed, emailed, or faxed to the library.

Exams should be sent to:

Joseph T. Simpson Public Library
Reference Librarian
16 North Walnut Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-3362

Phone: 717-766-0171
Fax: 717-766-0152

How much does it cost?
The proctoring fee is $15 per day, regardless of the number of tests taken on a single day.

What if it is an online exam?
Please tell the librarian when you first begin making arrangements. Test takers are encouraged to bring their own laptop for online tests. The library computer used for testing must be reserved in advance. Call the library’s Reference Department at 717-766-0171 to verify receipt of the test prior to your exam date.

Tests requiring the use of library computers must not require the installation of additional software or changes to user or security settings. The library and the library staff are not responsible for difficulties arising from library computers, connectivity or from the internet.

What if it is a paper exam?
Your institution or licensing agency will send us the examination and related paperwork.  Call the library’s Reference Department at 717-766-0171 to verify receipt of the test prior to your exam date.  Paper exams are given in a closed but not soundproof room.  You will be responsible for any required supplies not provided by the institution (pens, pencils, scratch paper, etc.).  Either the institution or you must provide the library with a return envelope and postage.

How soon can I take the exam?
We will work with you in determining a mutually agreeable testing date and time. Weekend arrangements are possible but may vary, according to staff and room availability.

What should I bring with me when I take my test?
We will follow the testing requirements of your institution. All exam takers must present a current photo ID. If required by the institution, we will record the ID information or make a copy of the ID and send it to the testing institution. Students have the responsibility of providing their own materials (such as #2 pencils, pens, scratch paper, calculators, or textbooks, etc., if allowed).

What happens after I take my exam?
Once the exam is completed, we will return it with any required paperwork, as instructed by the school or agency. If there are postage or delivery fees, they are the responsibility of the student and must be prepaid. The library will not pay postage or courier fees, nor make such arrangements on your behalf. If your institution accepts faxed answer sheets, we will fax the necessary material at no charge to the student. Your institution will then notify you of your results.


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August 18, 2023