Notices By Email

What are due date reminders?

Two days before an item is due, you get an email from the library system.  The email reminds you about the items you have borrowed and their due date.  These due date reminders are also called courtesy notices.

How can I get due date reminders?

Sign up for email notices using the form on the left or contact your library.

Can I get due date reminders if I don't have email?

No, unfortunately, due date reminders (or courtesy notices) are only available by email.

What if my email address changes?

If your email address changes you can call your library or log on to your account, click Profile and update your email address.

If I don't get the email notice (due date reminder or overdue), am I still responsible for fines?

The Cumberland County Library System can not guarantee receipt of messages. Thus, failure to receive a notice does not waive the borrower's responsibility for the timely pick-up or return of materials.

Which library sends my email notices?

Depending on the type of notice we are sending, library notices are sometimes sent from the library that owns the item, and other times from your home library. Be sure to set your email account to allow emails from the following addresses. If you don’t receive an email notice, check your spam or junk mail folder.

Overdue Notices

What should I do if I have an overdue item?

You have several choices:

  • Try renewing the item online or by contacting your library.  If you are able to renew it, you will stop more late fees from being added to your account. However you will still owe any late fees that accrued before renewal.
  • Contact your library immediately and explain any special circumstances that prevent you from returning the item.  Perhaps an extended loan can be arranged.
  • Return the item immediately.  Then you will only owe late fees for the time between when the item was due and when it was returned.

What happens if I ignore overdue notices or bills from the library?

If you owe $0.01 (1 cent) or more in fines, you will not be able to use your library card. Also, if your account has $25 or more in fines or outstanding materials, you may be referred to a collection agency and be charged a long overdue account fee.

How are overdue notices sent?

First and second notices for items that are overdue are sent by either automated telephone call or by email. Customers who ask for mailed notices only get one overdue notice after 2 weeks.You choose which method you want to use. Bills for long overdue materials are sent by email or by U.S. Mail.

How often are overdue notices sent?

Email and telephone overdue notices are sent one week after an item is due, and a second notice is sent two weeks after the item is due. Mailed overdue notices are sent two weeks after an item is due. A final notice that includes a bill for the item(s) is sent three weeks after the item was originally due. If after two months, you still haven't made payment arrangements, your account may be referred to a collection agency if it has $25 or more in fines, fees or outstanding materials.

What happens if I never received an overdue notice?

When you signed up for a library card, you agreed to be responsible for all items that are borrowed on that card and to report any address, email or phone number changes immediately.  Thus, if you do not receive the library's notices, you are still responsible for any overdue fines for lost or damaged items.


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January 31, 2024