Finance at the Coy Public Library

Library funding is a complex balance of public and private funding. The Coy Public Library is an independent non-profit organization 501 (c) 3. There are eleven municipalities in the library's direct service area:

Funding for the library comes primarily from county, state, and local private sources. Many local municipalities also support the library each year. As a member of the Cumberland County Library System (CCLS), Shippensburg Public Library shares resources, materials, and technology wth seven other public libraries in the county, controlling costs and expanding access to resources.

The library is a United Way agency, and receives grants, donations and gifts. Each year, hundreds of library users support the library with personal donations. The Friends of the Library host book sales and special events to raise funds for the library.

The Coy Public Library offers its services and materials at no charge. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Mission Statement

The Coy Public Library of Shippensburg exists to provide cultural vitality and lifelong learning through open access to reading, reference, programs, and community space.


Page Updated

August 31, 2020