Book Selection Policy

How books, DVD's, magazines, and online resources are chosen and purchased by the library system. Book Selection policy (PDF 106KB, 14 pages)

Borrowing Periods

How long you can borrow books and how often they can be renewed from the library system. Borrowing Periods policy (PDF 40KB, 2 pages)

Borrowing Problems

Information about overdue fines; lost or damaged materials. Borrowing problems policies (PDF 29KB, 3 pages)

Child Abuse Affirmative Action

How Cumberland County Library System staff members respond to suspected child abuse. Child Abuse Affirmative Action policy (PDF 36KB, 4 pages)

Computer and Internet Services

Who can use computers (including children's use), Internet filtering information, and prohibited uses. Computer and Internet Services policy (PDF 80KB, 3 pages)

Confidentiality of Library Customer Records

Customer privacy and confidentiality rights when using the Cumberland County Library System. Confidentiality of Library Customer Records policy (PDF 11KB, 2 pages)

Copyright and Fair Use

How the Cumberland County Library System complies with copyright and fair use laws. Copyright and Fair Use policy (PDF 134KB, 12 pages)

Customer Behavior

How you create a quiet, safe and supportive environment for everyone engaged in library activities. Customer Behavior policy (PDF 36KB, 2 pages)


Customer Service

How staff work to provide accurate, efficient and friendly service to customers. Customer Service policy (PDF 36KB, 1 page)

Employee Criminal Background Checks

Requirements for all library system staff to have criminal and child abuse background checks. Employee Criminal Background Checks policy (PDF 69KB, 3 pages)

Library Cards

Who and how you can get a Cumberland County Library System card. Library Cards policy (PDF 70KB, 3 pages)

Library Volunteers

How library system volunteers are recruited and what is required of them. Library Volunteers policy (PDF 273KB, 5 pages)

Photographs and Videos at the Library

How you, staff or others may take photos, videos or other recordings at the library. Photographs and Videos at the Library policy (PDF 46KB, 3 pages)

Placing a Request for Items

How you may place a request for items either owned or not owned by the library. Placing a Request for Items policy (PDF 35KB, 2 pages)

STAR (Service to Adult Readers)

How you may request free home delivery of materials if you are unable to visit the library due to age, illness or disability. STAR (Service to Adult Readers) policy (PDF 397KB, 3 pages)

Web Site and Social Networking

Purpose of the library system web sites and how site links are selected. Web Site and Social Networking policy (PDF, 60KB, 3 pages)

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February 14, 2023