Add A Tag

You can add a tag to any item in the Library's catalog. For example, if you are working on a project, you may decide to tag all of the relevant materials to that topic. Or, if you are interested in a hobby, you may want to tag items relevant to the hobby. This social function of the catalog helps you, and others, find materials. In essence, you are helping the Library by adding more keywords to our catalog of items. You can then search the catalog by these terms and refine your materials by tags. 

To tag an item, click on the plus symbol icon under “Additional actions” on the item description page. Choose the tag icon under “more”, then type in the tag and click Submit.


Tag example

Community Tags and My Tags

To view all items Tagged with a specific term, click on "Community Tag" after searching for that term

NOTE: To remove the Tag, you must be logged in to your Encore account. From the item description page, find “Community Tags” and your tags will be listed under “My Tags”. Click on the [x] next to your tag to remove it.