Borrow Items

Is there any fee to borrow things from the library?

  • No, as long as you have a library card, items may be borrowed for free.  However, if you keep something past the item's due date, then you will be charged a late fee each day the item is overdue.


How long can I keep library books and materials?

  • Books, CDs, audiobooks, etc. are available for 14 days with 3 renewals
  • DVDs, Playaways, and Video Games are available for 7 days with 3 renewals
  • Interlibrary loan materials (from outside of Cumberland County) lending period is set by the lending library and renewals are allowed if permitted by the lending library.
  • Reference books cannot be borrowed. Sometimes, overnight loans are possible. Ask your librarian if this can be arranged.
  • Due dates are listed on the paper slip or the email you get when you borrow items.


Are longer loan periods possible?

  • If you have special circumstances such as a hospital visit or an extended vacation, you may request a vacation loan.  Vacation loans are only permitted for items that are not in high demand.  Vacation loans are available for up to 6 weeks.  Videorecordings and electronic games are generally not available for vacation loans. 


How many items may I borrow?

  • You are limited to 25 video recordings and up to 100 total items (including 25 video recordings) on your account.


If I forget my library card, can I still borrow materials? 

  • If you forgot your card, you must provide identification (such as a driver's license).



Page Updated

October 10, 2019