Online Programs

Online Programs

Our upcoming programs will be online. Check out our offerings here.

Seasonably Good: Apples and Pumpkins
Video Available on Monday, October 12

Just because neighborhood apple and pumpkin festivals for this season have been canceled doesn't mean we can't still enjoy those fruits while they're in season locally. The library will offer an online session about ways to prepare apples and pumpkins during the local harvest for enjoyment immediately and year-round. Ages 13 and up. 

Thanksgiving Options for Vegetarians and Vegans
Video Available on Monday, November 16

Do you have vegans or vegetarians in your family and struggle to have enough suitable food for them at your Thanksgiving celebration? The library is offering an online session with tips and recipe suggestions to make your meal vegetarian or vegan friendly, while also offering more protein options than just turkey or tofurkey. Ages 13 and up. 

Apple Stamp Prints
Video Coming Soon!

Fall is beginning! Apples are in season, are fun to eat, fun to share, and fun to use in family projects. Join Miss Kristy for this video on Apple Prints, made from paint and fresh halved apples. Fun for the whole family!

Fresh Slow Cooker Applesauce from Scratch
Video Coming Soon!

Fall is apple season! A trip to an apple orchard is fun for entire family! Join Miss Kristy and learn how to make homemade applesauce in your slow cooker/crock pot. The preparation is simple and would be a great activity to teach kids fractions, while slicing apples. Children will also learn how to measure ingredients. Toss it all in the slow cooker, and smell the applesauce simmer all day! I will share three different recipe variations based on your spice palate. All ages are welcome. 

Handprint Leaves
Video Coming Soon!

Leave your handprint for the future with this fun family project. In this video, Miss Kristy will show you how to make a hand print leaf, using dynamic fall colors. Miss Kristy will also share ideas about how to use this project to support school subjects.

Rainbow Candy Popcorn
Video Coming Soon!

Looking for something yummy and fun to make for the whole family? In this video, you will learn how to make Sugar Coated Colorful Candy Popcorn from scratch. Starting with popcorn kernels and a paper bag, you will learn how to make yummy sweet popcorn. It is easy to make for holiday parties or family movie night! For ages 5-adult.

String Puppets
Video Coming Soon!

Join us for this virtual program to learn how to make easy paper string puppets. These puppets can be used for puppet shows from home and for your family. You will learn to make these with a few easy supplies and your own creativity. Completed puppets will hang down and be manipulated using strings, just like old time puppet shows. This program will be fun for all ages, with some adult help. 

Colorful Beaded Butterfly
Video Coming Soon!

Join us for this virtual program and learn how to create a Pony Bead Butterfly, a colorful craft that is fun and easy to make. We will use pipe cleaners, beads, a clothespin, google eyes, and our creativity! With some magnetic tape, this can easily be turned into a refrigerator magnet. For ages 4-14. 

Decorating Turkey Cookies
Video Available Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here, and a fun way to celebrate is by decorating sugar cookies to look like turkeys. The library will offer an online session with ideas and instructions for how to make your own turkey cookies, which promise to be suitable even for the vegetarians at your celebration. Make this a fun family activity or an artistic time of solitude.         

Past Programs

Food Programs

Seasonably Good: Berries and Cherries
Click here for the video link. 
June is the month for strawberries, blueberries and cherries. The library is offering an online program with ideas for how to prepare these summer fruits to enjoy now and through the year. Ages 13 and up.

Spice Up Your Mealtimes: Easy and Healthy World Cuisines
Click here for the video link.
Does the quarantine have you looking for different ways to prepare those foods you bought for your pantry and freezer? Let's talk about healthy and easy ways to spice up our mealtimes with cuisines from around the world. Whether you like things mild or hot, with meat, seafood or vegetarian, there are plenty of tasty dishes that can add variety to your meals even if you're relying on frozen and canned vegetables. Ages 13 and up. 

Tasty and Healthy Plant-Based Burgers
Click here for the video link.

Looking for alternatives to meat burgers for the Fourth of July and other summer grilling? There are plenty of tasty plant-based alternatives to ground meat. The library is offering an online session with recipes and tips for making your own plant-based burgers that are tasty and healthy and probably less expensive too! Ages 13 and up.

Seasonably Good: Peaches and Nectarines
Click here for the video link.

Anyone who's eaten a well-ripened local peach or nectarine knows that these fruits should be enjoyed when they're in season locally. The library is offering a virtual program with cooking demonstrations to offer ideas of how to enjoy these fruits immediately and even save some for later. Whether you like sweet or savory foods, we have ideas for everyone. Ages 13 and up.

Seasonably Good: Healthy Dips and Condiments
Click here for the video link.

In September the harvest in Central PA is still producing plenty of fruits and veggies as we think about final barbecues, sports and holiday parties. The library is offering an online session with cooking demonstrations to provide recipes and ideas for enjoying local vegetables while they're at their peak. We'll talk about dips and other condiments you can make fresh to enjoy with those raw and grilled veggies, as well as ways to quickly pickle veggies like cucumbers, peppers and cauliflower. We even have some recipes that might make more people in your family like eggplant! Ages 13 and up.

Craft Programs

Family Time Capsule
Click here for the video link.
Need a fun activity for the whole family? Making a family time capsule is a creative and fun activity that brings the entire family together. Share your family's past with the future, while remembering the fun activities your family has shared. Click here (PDF, 914 KB) for the time capsule sheets. 

How to Make a Sun Catcher
Click here for the video link.

Join Miss Kristy to learn how to make a Sun Catcher using simple clear/colored beads.  The materials and supplies will be shown, along with easy steps along the way to make a beautiful beaded Sun Catcher. This program is designed for ages 8 to adult.

Lego Stamping
Click here for the video link. 

Learn how to make designs and pictures using your own homemade stamp pads and Legos. The pictures can be filled in with color or left with just the color of the ink. This program is designed for ages 5 to adult.

Story Times

Virtual Story Time: The Sneetches
Click here for the video link.

Join Miss Kristy for a Virtual Story Time! The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss teaches children that what's inside a person is important, not what they look like on the outside.

Virtual Story Time: The Very Busy Spider
Click here for the video link.

Join Miss Kristy for a Virtual Story Time featuring "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle. This story is about a spider focused on building a web. The farm animals along the way try to distract the spider but are unsuccessful! The lesson in the story is to remain focused on what you are doing, and in the end you will achieve your goal. The story is read using stick puppet characters. There are also templates (PDF, 118 KB) included for the stick puppets shared during the story. This program is designed for kids and parents of all ages.

College Prep

College Reading Strategies Tutorial 1: Textbooks
Click here for the video link.

This tutorial introduces strategies and tips for effectively reading college textbooks. Viewers can work through the video with an actual assignment or prepare for upcoming college classes by working through the exercises.

College Reading Strategies Tutorial 2: Monographs
Click here for the video link.

This tutorial offers strategies and tips for reading books and chapters from books that are not classified as textbooks. Viewers can work with an actual assignment, but it is not necessary to have a current assignment to practice the activities in the video and learn how to more efficiently read for college.

College Reading Strategies Tutorial 3: Individual Readings
Click here for the video link.

This tutorial focuses on assigned readings from a variety of sources, including journal articles, book chapters and online resources. Reading from several sources for one class can be challenging, and this tutorial offers tips on how to read efficiently, especially when you are expected to connect the readings.