at home fun!During this mandated closure, Fredricksen Library wants to do everything we can to support you from afar! Some of our Children's Library Staff will be posting videos about science, art, and stories!  READ MORE...

Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station wants to see what animal trivia you know! Watch the video and comment below with your animal drawing.
All of our trivia was found at
Watch animal videos and do a virtual zoo visit at
And of course visit our website for access to all of our digital resources!

rainbowsPainting a Rainbow with Miss Kayla from Fredricksen Library
I’m going to teach you how to paint a rainbow! Once you’re finished with your painting don’t forget to post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag Fredricksen Library. I can’t wait to see all the unique rainbows you create!

bird triviaBird Trivia with Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station
Play along at home with bird trivia! Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station at the Fredricksen Library shares bird trivia.
Keep track of birds you see out of your window using a paper journal, or
To get help identifying the birds you see go to
All of our bird trivia today was found at
bird soundsand

Identify some of our backyard bird-friends by their calls & songs! 

OR @

markerMarker Watercolor Drawing with Miss Kayla
Miss Kayla will teach you how to turn your marker drawing into a watercolor painting. Grab some markers, paper, a paintbrush, and a cup of water and follow along!


sewingSewing on Sunday: Heart Pillow Edition with Miss Kayla
It's chilly out there today! Why not make a cute pillow to snuggle up with? Miss Kayla will teach your a simple way to sew a pillow. You will need some fabric, a needle, thread, scissors, and a marker.


dinos!Dinosaur Trivia with Miss Emily!
Join Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station at the Fredricksen Library for some dinosaur trivia! After a trivia quiz, she shares some library resources to help you learn more about dinosaurs. 



emily storytimeMonday Storytime with Miss Emily and Roasty!
Fredricksen Library’s first virtual storytime where we'll meet Sara the Triceratops and Roasty the Cat, and share books and songs about fun things to do while we're stuck at home this week!


web tourWebsite Tour for Teens!
Our website has a ton to offer! Join us on a website tour of the best resources for teenagers.




stay home bingo!Stay Home Bingo! 
It's time to play Stay Home Bingo! Here are two slightly different versions of our bingo card. Take a screen shot, and post your card in the comments below. How many times did you get bingo?


more dinosWednesday Storytime - Staying Healthy & Clean with Bears and Dinosaurs!
It's time for more DINOSAURS! Join Miss Emily, Roasty, and Sara the Triceratops with songs and stories about staying clean and healthy.

comic s with KaylaCollaborative Comic Book Drawing with Miss Kayla from Fredricksen Library (with Special Guest Tylee)
I am joined with my niece Tylee to teach you how to create a collaborative comic book drawing. Find some paper, markers, and a partner. You’ll work together to combine ideas and tell a story as you draw.


coasters!Roller Coaster Engineering from the Kunkel Creation Station!
Learn about roller coaster engineering and the engineering design process with Miss Emily (STEM-EM!) from the Fredricksen Library! Use materials around your home to create a roller coaster for a marble, ping pong ball, or other small balls you can find. 

friday dinosFun Storytime with Miss Emily - Dino Dance Party!
Finish off Dinosaur Week with stories about dancing and stomping to your own special beat!