August 2018

Simply the Best 2018 ... An Even Dozen!

By Bonnie Goble
Cleve J. Fredricksen Library

Bonnie GobleFredricksen Library has won Simply the Best for 2018. That’s twelve years that the library has taken the top honors among all libraries!

We are embarking on a time of wonderful expansion at the library. We are adding a Lower Level Entrance and a Business and Career Center on the Main Level. This summer, we opened theKunkel Creation Station, a Children’s MakerSpace, funded by grants from the Stabler and Kunkel Foundations. Fredricksen is definitely a “library on the move!”

Lots of projects, and lots of progress.

Thank you if you voted for us for Simply the Best. We hope that you will help us to better serve the public by giving generously when you receive the Annual Appeal in your mailbox in October. Only with your financial help can we move forward.

We are grateful for all of it.