Why can’t I see where I am in the list (queue) for holds?

Your position in the hold queue doesn’t display on your account because the information is misleading, and always has been.
Cumberland County Library System gives first priority on holds to customers whose home library actually owns the item.  This policy reduces the amount of time the item spends being transported across the county, fills holds more quickly, and allows libraries to use the funds that they have raised from their local community for their own customers first.  
Priority holds mean that you can be far down on the list, but if everyone else ahead of you has a home library that doesn’t own the item, and the item is owned by your library, you will zoom straight to the top of the list and get first priority.  
The reverse is also true.  You can become the first position in the holds queue, but if people behind you are customers of the library that owns the item, they will get it before you.  
With our new software system, the vendor does not give us the option to display this inaccurate queue information.  (Our old software system displayed the information even though it was also incorrect.)
While not perfect, our policy of serving home library customers first shortens the amount of time an item spends traveling across the county to fill holds.  It also reflects the priority given to customers whose home libraries actually purchase the items with local funds, and it makes titles available more quickly for most customers.
If you are concerned about an item going on the hold shelf while you are away, you can Freeze the hold using Encore. Once a hold is frozen, you will continue to move up the queue, but your hold will not be filled until you clear the Freeze, or 255 days have passed since you placed the hold. 
Staff members can also freeze your hold until a specific date, but in that situation, if you want to unfreeze earlier than the specified date, you will need to ask the staff member to unfreeze your hold.

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