Simpson Board of Trustees

2019 Board of Trustees

The Joseph T. Simpson Public Library is governed by a 12-member board of trustees. Board members serve as community volunteers, overseeing the library's budget, strategic direction and overall service delivery. Each board member serves a three year term and is elected by the Board of Trustees.



Glen Osborn - President

Cindy Mortzfeldt - Vice President

Jim Van Kirk - Treasurer

Judy Souleret - Secretary

Jonathan Williams - Assistant Treasurer

Marilyn Zywiec - Assistant Secretary



Karen Cochran, Nick Johnson, Leah Roshetar, Patricia B. Sanker, Ed.D., Patricia Vance, Donna Weldon, and Earnie Zimmerman


Lillian Eakin (Emeritus)

Sue Erdman, Executive Director




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June 25, 2019

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