Encore Catalog Help

If you're having any problems with the upgraded Encore online catalog, here are some help tips.
The Facets are not loading
  • Resolution:  Refresh the browser one or more times.
  • Click the refresh icon, or press the F5 key on the keyboard to refresh the browser.
I'm getting a Security certificate error message
  • Resolution:  The security certificate issue was resolved on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.  It is likely that the old certificate information is still being retained in the browser cache, so clearing the web browser cache on the computer should resolve this issue.

  • The directions for clearing the browser cache can be found at:

I log out of my account, but it appears I'm still logged in
I'm not able to place requests or get into folders
The counts for my Holds, Checkouts and eBook checkouts is not correct
  • Not yet resolved.  We're still working with our software vendor on this issue.

Page Updated: 

September 11, 2015

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