Today is RUTH GORDON DAY at the Bosler Memorial Library.

Information Services: Facilitating Financial Management

Are you a saver or a spender? If it's time to consider your personal financial management, the library is a great place to turn.



Information Services staff can help you locate books and online sites for creating budgets. A coupon box is available for usable coupons. We have materials on repairing items or upcycling rather than making a new purchase. We also have materials specifically for teaching good money habits to children.



Use the library computers, or bring your own device and sign on to free WiFi. Our staff can help you locate free credit report sites, locate your own credit score, and find reputable information about strengthening or repairing your credit.



The Information Services Department provides copies of federal, state, and local tax forms. We have copies of commercial tax prep guides for you to access. We maintain a list of sites for free tax assistance, and you can access free tax prep sites online via our computers.


Name A Day at the Bosler Memorial Library


The library maintains a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. We also have a paper subscription to Value Line, a tool for evaluating stocks, which you can request from the Information Services Desk. We have an online subscription to Morning Star which can assist you in evaluating mutual funds. This can be accessed by anyone in the library and library card holders can access it from home.



If you have other financial questions, please ask the Information Services staff for assistance. We can help you locate information on insurance, college savings, retirement savings, setting up trusts, avoiding probate and more.




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July 29, 2016

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