Today is RUTH GORDON DAY at the Bosler Memorial Library.

Information Services: Assisting Families

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We assist families of all shapes and sizes throughout all stages of life. Whether you're seeking information on health, relationships, or family history, we can point you in the right direction.



We can help you access a selection of reliable health information online and in print. Websites that we recommend include Medline Plus, NIHSeniorHealth, and Mayo Clinic. For more information, please pick up our Health Resources brochure at the Information Services desk.


If you're looking for articles from journals or online books we can lead you to several useful resources. The Medline Plus database is available through the Cumberland County Library System and can be accessed by anyone in the library. Library card holders can access the database from home. Information Services staff would be happy to help you locate this resource on the computer.


Sometimes you would like to put your hands directly on a dependable, up-to-date print resource. Our reference and nonfiction collections include reliable sources on medical information, tests, diseases, and drug interaction. Popular favorites like Gray's Anatomy and The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine are available.



We house a collection of nonfiction materials on relationships and family dynamics. Topics include self-help, mental health, marriage, divorce, and a wide range of other subjects. We have resources to help plan family activities such as day trips, games, and outdoor activities.



Our Information Services staff is equipped to provide referrals to appropriate agencies, organizations and support groups. We have resources to assist families of Alzheimer's patients, those with autism, mental illness, stroke, brain injuries and more. We have legal guides to assist in setting up trusts for a family member with special needs.



We have resources to help you celebrate life's important events such as weddings, showers, birthdays, holidays and solemn events such as funerals. You can learn about the history of various traditions, the customs of your ancestors, or how to cook special foods. We can also point you to resources for creating decorations and costumes.



Curious about your family history? We have the print and web-based resources to help you get started. Our genealogy collection consists of how-to books to help you tackle the project. You can use MyHeritage online to help you find materials  like census records, family trees, birth, marriage and death certificates. Our local history section may be of interest and we can guide you to primary resources available through the Cumberland County Historical Society.




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July 23, 2019

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