Iron Works at Mount Holly Springs

IronWorksLocal historian and writer Randy Watts separates truth from fiction about irons works operations in Mount Holly Springs. He will present new information he discovered while conducting research for his book on the iron industry of Cumberland County. Registration required.


Randy Watts returns for his second presentation at Amelia Givin Library this month.

There are many legends and stories of an iron works in Mount Holly Springs prior to the American Revolution, but many are inaccurate or based only partially on fact. While conducting research for a book on the iron industry of Cumberland County, local historian, writer and publisher Randy Watts unearthed “new” facts that help to tell the true story of the iron works in detail. This program will trace the origins of the age-old tales, outline the actual development of the iron works here, and provide details of their operation that ended by 1855. Photos and maps help to bring this time period to life and explain this interesting industry that once operated in the Holly Gap. 

To register, call (717) 486-3688, email or stop by the Amelia Givin Library.

Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 6:30pm

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