Bosler Memorial Library warns of potential bed bug issues in Carlisle

CARLISLE — Though bed bugs are more often found in hotels and movie theaters, Bosler Memorial Library is ensuring it does not contribute to the spread of bed bugs in the Carlisle area.


Library officials Wednesday said Bosler received a few returned materials that showed signs of contact with bed bugs. Though it has not found any bed bugs on the materials, the library is already working on making sure it does not distribute any pests with its materials.


“We have no reason to believe that there is a serious issue at the library,” said Jeffrey Swope, executive director of Bosler. “But we want the public to feel assured that we are doing everything we can.”


Administrators say they are in close communication with the library’s pest control company and have implemented procedures to identify and mitigate any potential issues. The library has also contracted for a specially trained bed-bug sniffing dog to inspect the facility.


Swope said the library will be vigilant in its inspections. He is also working with Ehrlich’s to make certain his staff are trained to identify and “treat” instances of bed bugs if materials are returned to the library with the unwanted pests.


However, Swope said the public should keep a watchful eye at home and when they take out library materials. If they have a concern, it should be brought to the library’s attention immediately.


“We want to err on the side of caution,” said Melissa Killinger, assistant director for Bosler.


Killinger said library customers who return materials with bed bugs will need to provide the library with proof that their home has been professionally treated before more items can be borrowed.


The library said it is a growing concern since bed bug infestations have been steadily increasing in recent years.


The library will make information about bed bugs available in the library and online at


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