Cumberland County Library System launches new e-book program

A new online e-book program targeting young elementary school-aged children is another entry in a growing list of online resources provided by the Cumberland County Library System.


The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently made public the BookFlix program through the statewide POWER Library, to which Cumberland County Library Systems is a subscriber. The program became available June 24 and was widely launched July 8.


BookFlix is an online e-reading program from Scholastic that pairs classical fiction storybooks with similarly themed nonfiction e-books to make fiction reading more engaging and educational for children aged 3 to 8.


BookFlix offers 105 multimedia fiction-nonfiction pairings, with more set for release in the future. Some of those include pairing “Happy Birthday Moon” with “The Moon” and “The Snowy Day” with “Snowy Weather Days.”


“It’s a nice way to promote early literacy and education, and providing it in an electronic environment,” said Carolyn Blatchley, the library system’s training services coordinator.


“BookFlix connects the library to the home,” said Hugh Roome, president of Scholastic Library Publishing. “In adopting Bookflix, Pennsylvania is making cutting-edge e-reading technology available to families with a library card anywhere they have an Internet connection. BookFlix offers a unique early literacy platform that introduces young readers to classic books and stories in new, digital formats.”


The program gives readers an interactive experience, providing children with a “read-along” option and narration of the nonfiction e-book, narrated texts and definitions of vocabulary words, educational games, biographies, interviews and safe web links to encourage children to further explore the topic.


Blatchley said the library system offers a number of resources online for people of all ages and of many interests. The “Find a Good Book” resource helps give readers advice on what next to read — narrowing down searches by authors and sending out newsletters on various genres of books, covering anything from picture books to mysteries to travel.


In addition to the databases made available through POWER Library, the system also subscribes to other services, including the HeritageQuest Database, which provides readers local genealogy information.


The LearningExpress Library gives students and adults skills-building exercises and tests while also providing access to courses on software, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. The Morningstar Investment Research Center gives residents stock and company information, as well as the basics on starting to invest.


The library system also provides access to Associated Press images and stories, and the library has an Auto Repair Reference Center. “It’s amazing what we have access to online,” Blatchley said.


For more information about BookFlix or the library system’s other databases and resources, visit


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