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Encore, the new online catalog, offers dynamic features that provide a more complete picture of the resources available from Cumberland County libraries.



Below are some frequently asked questions and answers:


Q.  What browsers work best with Encore? What are the recommended settings?

A. The following browsers are currently supported for Encore:  Apple Safari 5.1 & 6.0; Google Chrome 28 & 29; Internet Explorer 9 & 10; Firefox 23 & 24.  The Windows 8 Start ("Metro") version of Internet Explorer is currently not supported.

A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended for the best user experience.  Javascript, cookies and SSL 3.0 must be enabled for all browsers.  Other third party browser plug-ins may interfere with the normal use of Encore, please disable them if you are experiencing trouble.


Q. Why haven't I been receiving my notices and due date reminders?

A. These features were not operational right away when we moved to the new system.  As of 2/11/2014, you should have started receiving your notices again.  If you find that we aren't using your preferred contact method (email, phone, etc.), please login to your account, and select your preferred method, or call your library and ask them to update your account. 


Q. When I log in to my account another screen pops up and says I'm not logged in.  What's going on?

A.  Technicians are working on the display problem.  If you are on a public computer, please be sure to close out of the second window and then click the log out link on the first window before leaving the computer.


Q. Why can't I suspend a hold?  Why can't I see my place in the hold line?

A. Currently that functionality is missing from our online catalog, but it will be restored soon.

A. These features are now operational.  Thank you for your patience!


Q. Why can't I filter my search results in the catalog by large print or blu-ray?

A. This feature is currently offline for certain material types.  Till this feature is fully activated, please consider using this work around. When searching please put the title plus format in the search box to limit your search.  ("Mockingjay large print" or "Django blu-ray")

A. These features are now operational.  Thank you for your patience!


Q.  Where are the book suggestions? I liked them!

A.  We don't have that piece of the catalog up and running yet.  It should be functional in the next week or two.  In the meantime, please take a look at this page on our website for reading suggestions.


Q.  I'm having difficulties accessing the library's online catalog.  HELP!

A.  Here is a list of ideas to help you trouble shoot some common problems with accessing the website.


Additional help can be found here.


Flashlight - Dates to Remember


New Catalog Features

  • Personal Reading History
  • Did You Mean? Searching
  • Integrated Catalog and Database Searches
  • EBook Integration
  • Hold Request Improvements 
  • Integrated Program and Event Registrations
  • Community Tagging
  • Social Networking Integration
Compass - New Catalog Features








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February 19, 2014

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