New Arrivals

New Children's

cover imageMahoney, Kristin Mary, author.
cover imageSeymour, Jeff, author.
cover imagePuller, J. S., author.
cover imageStokes, Maura Ellen, author.

New Teen Books

cover imageSmith, Roland, 1951- author.
cover imageBlacker, Terence, author.
cover imageHartley, A. J. (Andrew James), author.
cover imageMatson, Morgan, author.

New Graphic Novels

cover imageCoates, Ta-Nehisi, author.
cover imageTenNapel, Doug, author, artist.
cover imageLiu, Marjorie M., author.
cover imageShalvey, Declan, author.

New Mystery

cover imageJackson, Tiffany D., author.
cover imageSmith, Karen Rose, author.
cover imageChapman, Brenda, 1955- author.
cover imageWallace, Auralee, author.

New Romance

cover imageSawyer, Kim Vogel, author.

New Audiobooks

cover imageAbrams, Stacey, author, narrator.

Minority leader :
cover imageTangerine, Amy, author.

Craft a life you love :
cover imageMosconi, Lisa, author.

Brain food :
cover imageBackman, Fredrik, 1981- author.

Us against you :

New Cooking

cover imageMorales, Natalie, author.
cover imageSmart, Niomi, author.
cover imageSegal, Jennifer, author.
cover imageHelou, Anissa, 1952- author.

New Non-Fiction

cover imageOdom, Erin, author.
cover imageHodson, Chelsea, author.
cover imageLetten, Phil, author.
cover imageCozolino, Louis J., author.

New Science & Technology

cover imageZee, A., author.
cover imageKrause, Jill, author.
cover imageNeufeld, Suzannah, author.
cover imageAvena, Nicole M., 1978- author.

New Sports

cover imageCrouse, Karen, author.
cover imageHilmes, Oliver, author.
cover imageThomas, Liz (Hiker), author.
cover imageFrancis, Doron, author.

New Religious Fiction

cover imageKaye, Glynna, author.
cover imageWorth, Lenora, author.
cover imageLloyd, Kate (Novelist)
cover imageSinclair, Christa, author.

New Gardening

cover imageTickell, Joshua, author.
cover imageJabbour, Niki, author.
cover imageBarter, Guy, author.
cover imageGordon, Chantal Aida, author.

New Large Print

cover imageMcLain, Paula, author.
Love and ruin :
cover imageRegan, Katy, author.
Little big love :
cover imageShalvis, Jill, author.
About that kiss :
cover imageFeist, Raymond E., author.
King of Ashes

New Fantasy

cover imageLegrand, Claire, 1986- author.
cover imageAugunas, Alexander, author.
cover imageKunz, Amanda Hamon, author.
cover imageAnderson, Kevin J., 1962- author, creator.

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New Horror

cover imageBrogden, James (Novelist), author.
cover imageMcGuire, Seanan, author.
cover imagePoe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849, author.
cover imageLovecraft, H. P. (Howard Phillips), 1890-1937, author.

New Science Fiction

cover imageSingh, Vandana, author.
cover imagePedreira, David, author.
cover imageBennis, Robyn, author.
cover imageLiu, Marjorie M., author.