As a federated library system, the county library system's administrative office along with each local library adopts an annual budget each year. All system office and local library income and expenditures are audited annually by certified public accountants. This information is reviewed by the Pennsylvania Department Education, Commonwealth Libraries.

2017 Library System Revenue

2017 Operating Expenses

Three-Way Partnership Provides Core Support
Community - Local Government - State

Local Government Support ($4,144,681) comprised 56% of the library system's revenue. Of this, Cumberland County provided $3,916,806 (53%) and local municipalities or school districts provided $227,875 (3%).

State Support ($1,058,037) provided 14% of the library system's overall revenue.

Community Support ($1,795,359) in the form of donations, fines, fees and interest income comprised 24% of the library system's operating revenue.

Contingency Funds ($346,913) comprised 5% of the system's operating income for 2017.

2017 Library System Expenditures

2017 Operating Income

Three Basic Library Expenditures
Staff - Collections - Operating

Staff costs ($4,171,646) accounted for 62% of the budget.

Library materials ($906,015) accounted for 13% of the budget.

Other operating costs ($1,663,788) such as technology, utilities, insurance, printing, etc. accounted for 25% of the budget.