Watch the Skies Sci-Fi Book Club

Watch the Skies SeptemberJoin Watch the Skies sci-fi book club for a discussion of Goddess of the North by Georgina Kamsika on Wednesday, September 21 at 7:00 pm at the library.

Detective Inspector Sara Nayar is a goddess. Literally. A Hindu goddess accidentally brought to England during Queen Victoria's reign. Working now as a police detective, Sara survives on humanity's innate faith in law and order. Sheffield is a city of many gods, however, and when Sara witnesses a murder, she knows the perpetrator is divine. As a goddess of order, she must solve the crime before the god can kill again, but thousands of years as a human has left her spiritually weak. Vulnerable in ways she hasn't felt since leaving India, Sara fights to balance her mortal and immortal lives as the murders around her escalate. And with tensions amongst her fellow divinity on the rise, Sara is running out of time. If she can't restore order, find balance in the chaos, the city itself might pay the price.

All are welcome to join these enthusiastic readers of science fiction in their monthly discussions in the Upper Level Tutoring Rooms at Simpson Library

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