Facilities Manager

Simpson Library is hiring a Facilities Manager to maintain the smooth operation of the library building and grounds.

This is a part-time position, with flexible daytime hours. The salary for this position is $10.50 - $11.50 per hour. This position is non-exempt status.  

Education: Minimum requirement of high school diploma or GED

Essential Duties and Functions: 

  1. Evaluate and maintain the condition of the equipment including electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, security, and other equipment in and around the building to insure that all equipment is working properly.
  2. Participate in the development of policies and procedures that affect the use of supplies and facilities.
  3. Order supplies and materials.
  4. Hire, supervise, and train custodial staff in the cleaning of the building. Insure satisfactory work output and proper use and care of the cleaning equipment. Complete annual performance evaluations and any necessary disciplinary actions with the custodial staff.
  5. Insure the safety of the building from fire, flood, and other hazards through a safety committee, serving as Chairperson of the committee.
  6. Serve as staff liaison to property committee.
  7. Attend department head meetings.
  8. Maintain file records and reports for all outside contractors.
  9. Coordinate with and inform the library staff on work issues.
  10. Complete daily cleaning tasks as needed during custodial absences or vacations.
  11. Respond to after-hours building emergencies and security incidents.
  12. Maintain routine daily, weekly, monthly, and annual equipment maintenance and inspection logs.
  13. Contact and meet with contractors to obtain estimates for maintenance projects.
  14. Perform other duties as assigned.

How to Apply: Fill out an employment application and email it to Sue Erdman at serdman@ccpa.net or mail or drop off your application at Joseph T. Simpson Public Library, 16 N Walnut St, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.

Facilities Manager Job Description (PDF, 1 page, 110KB)

Simpson Library Employment Application (PDF, 4 pages, 113KB)