Community Aid Partner

A Community Aid bin is located in the Simpson Public Library parking lot. The library earns $ .04 per pound on clothing and shoes collected. Money is not earned on toys, household goods, and books*, however, these items are accepted in the bin.

*Please note that the library does take book donations for use at our book sale events throughout the year at our book drop off location at 114 North York St., Mechanicsburg. Book donations should be placed in the blue shed on the side of the warehouse building at the Book Sale Center.

Donated clothing, shoes, and household goods can also be dropped off at the Mechanicsburg store located at 4833 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, and credited to the library's account when you provide them with the Simpson Public Library name.

Help out your community as well as the library by donating clothing and shoes today! Your support is greatly appreciated.



Page Updated

September 12, 2019