Post Civil War Books

In 2013, the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library received a grant to digitize three post Civil War books, and put them online for convenience and ease of viewing for the public, as well as to protect the original material from wear and tear.  Researchers, teachers, students, and anyone with an interest in Civil War history can now access these one-of-a-kind resources from the Internet Archive website.




Two of the books are ledger books of meeting minutes from the meetings of Post 415 of the Grand Army of the Republic that met in Mechanicsburg, PA. The Grand Army of the Republic was the veteran association for Civil War Veterans. 


Adjutant Reports of GAR Post 415, Volume 1 (1887)

Adjutant Reports of GAR Post 415, Volume 2 (1892)


The third book, Personal War Sketches, contains military service narratives for each member of Post 415 of the Grand Army of the Republic. There is a list at the beginning of the book which lists the name of the member and the page which contains the member's narration. 


Personal War Sketches (1890)


These books are primary documents of information on the military service of Civil War veterans and their lives after the war, including the movement of veterans to other parts of the country.


For more information, take a look at our Civil War Books Brochure (PDF, 757KB, 2pgs).



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June 28, 2013

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