Simpson Library Annual Business Appeal

CalculatorSupport the Simpson Public Library through our Annual Business Appeal campaign. Our annual financial appeal to local businesses solicits financial support to continue the valuable services the Library provides to our community.

For over 50 years, the Joseph T. Simpson Public Library has provided an array of services to the Mechanicsburg community. Library services provide computer use for workers to write resumes and apply for jobs as well as a variety of classes to educate the local work force. Additionally, we have storytimes, entertaining and educational events for all ages, homework assistance, internet and wi-fi access, and books, DVDs, CDs, and LaunchPad educational game tablets.

Consider how valuable the Library is to our community by taking a moment to reflect on what we bring to the community--recreation and enrichment, new ideas, knowledge, and opportunities for learning. Your financial support is needed to continue these valuable services to the Mechanicsburg community.

Please support us by printing the Annual Business Appeal letter (PDF, 201KB, 1 page), filling it out, and mailing it to the Library. Or you can make an online donation and select "Annual Business Appeal" under Fund Choice.



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October 04, 2019