Black History Month


Give yourself time this month to reflect on how Black and African American individuals have shaped this country. #PAForward #CivicAndSocialLiteracy



What is Black History Month?

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, grew from Negro History Week, which Carter G. Woodson initiated in 1925. The weeklong event was extremely popular and supported, and in 1976 Gerald Ford recognized the whole month of February as one in which the nation would honor the history of Black Americans.

As Morgan Freeman said, “Black history is American history.” During this month, let’s spend time recognizing the contributions that Black Americans have made to our nation. Have you read anything by a Black author recently? Listened to music performed by a Black entertainer? Investigated and learned more about Black inventors, politicians, activists, artists?

This month, try to expand your horizons beyond the familiar and reach for something new. As always, we’ll be here for suggestions and resources!

ASALH - The Founders of Black History Month | Origins of Black History Month

African American History Month


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