Volunteer Highlights 2016

Celebrating Our Volunteers

The Fredricksen Library and East Pennsboro Branch Library hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Picnic on Sunday, May 22nd. The picnic was moved inside the West Shore Elks due to the weather but fun was had by all those who attended. Several games of bean bag toss occurred and a few bags actually made it through the hole! Over 150 volunteers, Board of Trustees, Teen Advisory Group, Friends members and staff enjoyed a sharing an evening together with those who hold one common interest, the love of the library. Many thanks to the underwriting from Gregg & Bette Aversa, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Malin, The Friends of Fredricksen and the generous program book sponsors. Thank you to all our volunteers!



Wendy McClure, CVA

Wendy McClure, the Human Resources Coordinator of Cleve J. Fredricksen Library, has been awarded the credential, “Certified in Volunteer Administration,” by the Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration. The credential, which entitles McClure to use the designation “CVA”, is the only one in the field that is recognized internationally. It is awarded after a rigorous process that includes an extensive self-evaluation and preparation of a performance-based portfolio. A panel of professionals who are certified in volunteer administration judges the portfolio. In addition to the portfolio, McClure sat for a two-hour examination testing knowledge, application and analysis of skills related to volunteer resources management.

Successful CVA candidates must prove they have a clear philosophy of volunteer administration, pledge to work within the professional code of ethics and demonstrate their knowledge-in-use in the core competency areas of organizational management, human resources management, accountability, leadership and advocacy. McClure joins a select group of over 1580 individuals who have attained this sought-after international credential as demonstration of their professional excellence in mobilizing and managing volunteers.

The CVA credential was developed in the early 1980's as a professional development tool for individual practitioners who mobilize and manage volunteers. From the beginning, this certification program was intended to be: applicable to all types of settings and organizations, competency-based and international in scope.

In recent decades the CVA program has grown with widespread investment, visibility and support while responding to the changing needs of the entire spectrum of this profession. Growing recognition of the value of skilled leadership in volunteer engagement has brought a steady increase in the number of candidates each year.  While most CVAs are located in the United States and Canada, the program has attracted candidates from Australia, Bolivia, Bermuda, New Zealand, Japan, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Zambia.

Wendy McClure has overseen the volunteer program at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library since 2005.  The volunteer program was averaging 107 volunteers who gave about 8,700 hours in 2005.  The program grew to include an average of 190 volunteers a month who gave over 15,600 hours in 2015.  The volunteers of the library vary in age from 12 to 90 and the tasks vary to include shelving, dusting sorting of donations and processing requested materials.




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June 2, 2016

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