Volunteer Highlights 2015

Sally Ahrens, Friends of Fredricksen Friend of the Year

Sally Ahrens has taken on many, many roles throughout her 13 years at Fredricksen Library.  At the moment, she volunteers weekly shelving in the fiction area.  Now, if you are a fiction reader at Fredricksen, you will appreciate this next statement.  Sally cares about the order and look of the shelves.  If you came in some Tuesday after Sally has volunteered, then you know the books, especially in the “new” area, are in perfect order and the collection looks appealing.

As a former teacher, Sally has a talent for explaining to others how to do a task.  There are many times when Sally will train new volunteers how to get books back in the correct location or how to make the shelves look neat and tidy.

As a Friends of Fredricksen Library member, Sally has assisted with book sales for many years.  About two years ago, Sally was part of a group that identified, developed and implemented the Donation Station.  Donation Station is a material drop off the first Saturday of every month in the lower lot of Fredricksen Library.  Currently, Sally organizes volunteers to assist with unloading the donated materials and then sorting the materials for the book sales.  Since the start of the activity, Donation Station has never cancelled.  In the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter under Sally’s guidance, the volunteers work together to retrieve materials and then prepare the materials for the book sales.

Thank you for all you give to the library!



Maria Oscilowski, Fredricksen Library Volunteer Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Maria Oscilowski for receiving the Chris Pillion Volunteer Scholarship!  Maria has volunteered at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library since December 2010.   She has assisted in the library locating and shelving materials, as well as participating and taking on leadership roles in the Teen Advisory Group. Maria has given over 460 hours.

In 2010, Chris Pillion was the first individual to receive the library’s Volunteer Scholarship. This year Fredricksen was honored to name the scholarship in Chris’ memory, who passed away earlier this year. The volunteer scholarship funds are received through contributions in memory of Chris and also by staff members who donate money on dress down Wednesdays. The qualifications to receive the scholarship include time, commitment to volunteering at the library and activities the teen has participated in that have promoted the library to the community.


Marcia Nye, Fredricksen Library Volunteer of the Year

Marcia Nye moved to Camp Hill in 2005 and as a new resident, she enjoyed visiting the library to borrow materials and take advantage of the services.  Marcia wanted to contribute her time and skills to a place that she loved and decided that volunteering at the library would also be a great way to meet people. When she first started volunteering at Fredricksen, Marcia shelved our media materials. She continued in this role for several months, until her work took her out of the country. 

Upon returning to the area, Marcia came right back to the library to offer assistance. With no pleading or groveling from the library staff (although she probably saw the eagerness in our eyes), Marcia not only returned, but also took on a daunting task! This task was to search the shelves at Fredricksen for all library materials which were placed in a status of missing or claimed returned by any Cumberland County Library. These items could belong to Fredricksen or any other of the seven county libraries. The list averages over 250 items in a week.

Since 2006 Marcia has given over 1,000 hours searching the shelves for elusive materials.  On most Tuesdays, you will find Marcia spending about 3 hours searching high, low and anywhere in between for each item on the list. 

The mission of the library is to enrich our community by providing access to a comprehensive collection of educational and recreational information, resources and programs.  Marcia enriches the lives of our customers by efficiently searching the shelves to find materials.  The materials which are found are items that customers have requested to check out or have thought they returned and may not have been processed. 

The materials that Marcia searches for could be a book requested for a school project, something to assist with learning a new skill, or just a relaxing story to read. Each book, movie, book-on-CD, puppet or other library item is a learning tool which assists the development of reading or speech. When Marcia locates one of these items, she makes a difference in the life of at least one community member or family.

The library system transitioned to new library software last year.  As with any new software program, there are changes.  Many of our volunteers were affected by the generated reports for various tasks.  Like many of our volunteers, Marcia took this change in stride.  She offered suggestions and displayed patience while we worked through the process.  Thank you Marcia for all you do for Fredricksen!


Barbara Stone, East Pennsboro Branch Volunteer of the Year

Barb Stone and hehusband of 50 years have two grown children.  They relocated to the East Pennsboro area to be near their granddaughter when she was born. Barb and her husband settled in to a house next door to Judy Hoffman, a former library employee.  Judy told Barb about the East Pennsboro Branch Library and Barb never looked back. Her granddaughter was born in 2007 and Barb began volunteering in March 2008.  As she likes to say, “This was my granddaughter’s first experience with libraries, and to this day she considers this library to be her own.” 

Throughout the years at East Pennsboro, Barb has worn many hats and has volunteered in varying roles. She has checked in items, shelved books, conducted story times, helped with the summer reading programs, and

 decorated the library. And at the time of writing this, Barb was leading a family bingo night!

If there is something that needs to be done, Barb steps up to the plate and finishes the task.  Her hours have increased as her granddaughter has grown (she is now in first grade).  Barb generously volunteers 12-15 hours each week, working nearly as much as some of the part time staff.  Since 2008, Barbara has given a remarkable 686.5 hours.

Barb exudes enthusiasm.  She encourages those who visit the library and is ready to help anyone.  During her story times, she engages both the children and adults.  No matter what task she is performing, her passion for the library is evident and contagious!

Barb regularly suggests ideas for making the library an even better place, and is a great organizer. With the recent relocation of the manager’s office and the newly created program area, Barb was quick to organize both the manager’s office and settle the larger room as well.  She warned Maryann Haft, the East Pennsboro Branch Manager, “Now don’t clutter it!” after she was finished. Needless to say it is still a work in progress.

Barb has great ideas for programs and uses her past work experiences in early childhood development and other areas to suggest ways to improve the library.  She is always looking for ways to make the library more welcoming and inviting.  As an example, and at her suggestion, Barb came in and helped decorate the library on a day that the library was closed so that we would have uninterrupted time to place an entire holiday village around the stacks and throughout the library.  Not only did Barb bring in fabrics and decorating items – she brought coffee. 

Needless to say, her ideas are innovative, her contributions are invaluable, and she is very much appreciated.



 Did you know that in 2014 our volunteers gave over 18,500 hours to Fredricksen Library and The East Pennsboro Branch? On Saturday, March 21st our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held to thank the many volunteers for the time and dedication they provide to the library. Over 250 people enjoyed an evening of food, music and fun, the highest attendance ever for this event.  Our wonderful staff provided a variety of appetizers and desserts to compliment the catered meal. We thank our generous sponsors, Gregg and Bette Aversa, The Friends of Fredricksen Library and our program book supporters.

Volunteers continue to be the backbone of our library. They check in materials, shelve books and media items, keep the magazine area neat, maintain the community bulletin board, locate materials, man our Coffee Corner and assist with plant care. They also prepare new items for the public, prepare old items to be withdrawn from our collection, mend and bind books, and clean audiovisual materials. Marcia Nye of Fredricksen Library and Barbara Stone of East Pennsboro Brach were honored as this year’s United Way Volunteer of the Year nominees.

In addition to our library volunteers, the Friends of Fredricksen Library and the Friends of East Pennsboro Library give hours of time and energy at fundraising events such as book sales, silent auctions and bake sales. They also volunteer their time advocating for the needs of the library to local, state and federal officials. This year the Friends of Fredricksen Library honored Sally Ahrens and Friends of East Pennsboro Library honored Alicia Stine as Friends of the Year.


See PHOTOS from the 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and our volunteers!




Service Hours 2015

500 Hours

Crystal Basehore
John Butler
George Enney, Jr.
Anne Jacobs
Lois Kriens
Pat Riker


600 Hours

JoAnne Buchholz
Ray Dempsey
Tracy Evans
Donna Royal
Robert Siguenza
Anne Springer



700 Hours

Leslie Brelsford
Ernest Buckley
Barbara Cleeland
Karen Dieck
Linda Massie
Lois Smith
Barbara Stone 


800 Hours

Kay Dell
Lenore Belsky
Susan Durborow
Sue Folk
Joan Haufler
Judith Hoyt
Blanche Woolford


900 Hours

Virginia Ely
Ella Mae Erford
Joyce Gifford
Alice Lebo
Anne Springer














1000 Hours

Sally Ahrens
Madge Appleby
Gail Arnold
Martin Axelrod
Kathy Bard
Mary Bayley
Helen Bensing
Ed Bomgardner
Melissa Bower
Mary Buckley
George Enney
Carol Greecher
Margaret Guise
Kirk Hoyt
Velma Jaminet
Gladys Kauffman
Diana Kerr
Janet Kissinger
Stanley Kuleszynski
Marcia Nye
Gloria Shaud
Judy Shearer
Elaine Sheffield
Gail Siemons

2,000 Hours

Wanda Metzger
Roberta Shuff

5,046 Hours

Irm Smawley



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April 29, 2015

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