Volunteer Highlights 2014

Margaret Gerhart, Friend of Fredricksen Library

Margaret Gerhart has been a volunteer with the Friends of Fredricksen Library since 2000. 

Margaret spent many years as the Chairperson for the Silent Auction which is held each November.  (November 22 this year).  As chairperson she not only organized the event and volunteers, but she also solicited and picked up the items and prepared them for auction by exhibiting them in the library display cases.  That all occurred before the event even happened!  Following the event, Margaret was instrumental in getting items to the winning bidders and properly thanking all of the businesses and donors for their support.

Currently Margaret sorts book donations weekly and assists with the silent auction, book sales and other library events such as the Library Loop 5K. One of her special talents is to create miniatures which she shares with the community by displaying her completed projects in our display case.

As an active member of the community, Margaret has promoted the library to friends in organizations such as the Camp Hill Jr. Civic Club, which has resulted in bringing in new Friends of Fredricksen as well as library volunteers.  She has even recruited her husband, Ron, who has assisted in moving and setting up books for our book sales.  Thanks to Margaret’s positive promotion of our library, new community members have begun to patronize Fredricksen and benefit from the events and programs we provide.

Margaret enjoys being around people and assisting in supporting the library through the events the Friends of Fredricksen present.  These life enjoyments make a perfect fit for Margaret to participate in the Friends of Fredricksen.


Leslie Jackson, Friend of East Pennsboro Branch

Leslie Jackson has volunteered in one aspect or another for the East Pennsboro Branch Library for at least 15 years. 

A home school parent to her boys, Caleb and Carter, Leslie has always appreciated the programs and resources the library provides.  Almost from the start, Leslie offered to help the branch in any and all ways.

Full of fresh, new ideas, Leslie is often making suggestions for new programs.  As current secretary for the Friends of the East Pennsboro Library, Leslie maintains the Friends data, and makes calls to volunteers when needed and does a great job recruiting people to help at the Friend’s book sales and other events.

Leslie spearheaded the Caitlin’s Smiles project that is offered by the Friends each year during the East Pennsboro Township Christmas Tree Lighting.  She oversees hundreds of children decorate bags that are filled for critically ill and hospitalized children.  Her dedication to this project continues throughout the year.

Leslie’s dependability, kind heartedness and helpful nature set an example for all.  She is one that not only makes the library a better place, but one who also has helped to make the world a better place. 




East Pennsboro Branch Volunteer of the Year Nominee: Gladys Kauffman

Gladys Kauffman has been volunteering on average approximately 4 hours per week at the East Pennsboro Branch Library for almost seven years.  This adds up to 1,107 hours of volunteer service. As a volunteer, she primarily shelves items from the book cart – including items in book drop and items received in delivery. She also places requested hold items on the hold shelf in perfect alphabetical order.

Gladys is very familiar with the library and its collections.  She knows exactly where everything is located and more importantly where it should not be placed!   Gladys is a very positive, dependable and conscientious individual.  She is always upbeat and can always be depended upon to work her scheduled shift.  Gladys shows up with a smile on her face and eager to lend a hand wherever needed every time she walks into the library.  She is truly an inspiration.

In addition to the library, Gladys also volunteers at the Schaner Senior Center, which is also housed in the same building, and participates in many of their fund raising events and activities.  She frequently arrives around eight or nine in the morning to help supervise the senior’s gym facility and volunteers later in the afternoon at the library.  Gladys has also volunteered with the West Shore Meals on Wheels Program for the past eight years and delivers meals to the homebound elderly.

She is truly a testament to giving. Because of her genuine compassion for the community, Gladys was nominated and received the regional 2013 Pennsylvania Council on Aging Service Award.



Fredricksen's United Way Volunteer of the Year Nominee: Velma Jaminet

Velma Jaminet has volunteered approximately three hours each week at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library since September 2003.  For the past 10 years, Velma could be found checking in materials each Wednesday morning.   During the first few weeks of 2003, Velma's first assignments were assisting with typing and inputting data for a fundraising project.  When a book check-in position becam

e available, Velma was moved to that assignment, and has been loyally volunteering in that capacity ever since. 


Following her retirement, Velma tried several other volunteer organizations, but found that they either did not have openings or were not a good fit.  The Dauphin County Historical Soc

iety and Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania were organizations that Velma found great satisfaction in giving of her time and expertise, and she continues her work with those organizations.  Velma has also volunteered with food banks, soup kitchens and church committees.  Recently, she began to assist with Meals on Wheels.


Velma is a volunteer who is reliable and personable.  She is on time and always informs the library staff of times that she is not available to volunteer.  She picks up shifts with no hesitation and happily takes on extra hours while others are sick or on vacation.  It is this gift that was reciprocated when Velma became ill. Volunteers stepped up to help Velma so she could return to the library as soon as she was able.  The morning of her return included many smiles and sheer delight from fellow volunteers and staff.


During her ten years of volunteering with the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library, Velma has worked on three different library check-in computerized systems.  She has made the transition to each system with ease and grace.  During this last transition, which occurred in January 2014, Velma asked questions and worked through the changes.  She never became flustered or discouraged, despite the challenges faced through learning an entirely new computer program.  She guided other volunteers to stay positive and enjoy the new and improved features. Thank you Velma for all you do!

Volunteers – Our Greatest Natural Resource!

On Saturday, March 29th our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held to thank our many volunteers for the time and dedication they provide to Fredricksen Library and The East Pennsboro Branch.  Approximately 215 people attended the event and enjoyed an evening of food, music and fun.   Our wonderful staff provided a variety of appetizers and desserts to compliment the catered meal. We thank our generous sponsors, Gregg & Bette Aversa, The Friends of Fredricksen Library and our program book supporters.

Volunteers are the backbone of our library. They check in materials, shelve books and media items, keep the magazine area neat, maintain the community bulletin board, locate materials, man our Coffee Corner and assist in indoor plant care. They also prepare new items for the public, prepare old items to be withdrawn from our collection, mend and bind books, and clean audiovisual materials.  Velma Jaminet of Fredricksen Library and Gladys Kauffman of East Pennsboro Brach were honored as this year’s United Way Volunteer of the Year nominees.

In addition to our library volunteers, the Friends of Fredricksen Library and the Friends of East Pennsboro Library give hours of time and energy at fundraising events such as book sales, silent auctions and bake sales. They also volunteer their time advocating for the needs of the library to local, state and federal officials. This year the Friends of Fredricksen Library honored Margaret Gerhart and Friends of East Pennsboro Library honored Leslie Jackson as Friends of the Year.

The Board of Trustees is a volunteer board and donates numerous hours of oversight and guidance pertaining to administration of the library. In conjunction with the library director, they are responsible for the fiscal well being of the library and help to set policy.

Fredricksen and the East Pennsboro Branch quite literally could not operate without volunteers. These individuals help to stretch the tax dollar and greatly expand the reach of library services.



See PHOTOS from the 2014 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and our volunteers!


Service Hours 2014

500 Hours

Tracy Evans

Barbara Stone

JoAnne Buchholz

Ed Bomgardner

Donna Royal

Crystal Basehore

Pat Riker


600 Hours

Karen Dieck

Robert Siguenza

Barbara Cleeland

Leslie Brelsford

Lois Smith

Ray Dempsey

Lenore Belsky







700 Hours

Ella Mae Erford

Blanche Woolford

Kay Dell

Joan Haufler

Ernest Buckley

Sue Folk

Judith Hoyt

Susan Durborow

Linda Massie

Anne Springer














800 Hours

Alice Lebo

Joyce Gifford


900 Hours

Madge Appleby

George Enney

Sally Ahrens

Melissa Bower

Kirk Hoyt

Marcia Nye

Diana Kerr

Virginia Ely











1000 Hours

Wanda Metzger

Roberta Shuff

Mary Buckley

Carol Greecher

Kathy Bard

Velma Jaminet

Elaine Sheffield

Gloria Shaud

Judy Shearer

Janet Kissinger

Helen Bensing

Gladys Kauffman

Mary Bayley

Gail Siemons

Martin Axelrod

Margaret Guise

Gail Arnold

Stanley Kuleszynski


4,610 Hours

Irm Smawley






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September 3, 2014

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