Volunteer Opportunities

Cleve J. Fredricksen Library & East Pennsboro Branch
Volunteer Program Mission Statement

The Cleve J. Fredricksen Library and East Pennsboro Branch Library welcome the energies and talents of engaged volunteers.  Volunteers help to maintain and enhance an exceptional standard of library service to our six municipalities: Camp Hill Borough, East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lemoyne Borough, Lower Allen Township, and Wormleysburg Borough.   


Fredricksen Library & East Pennsboro Branch believe:

  • Involving volunteers in its operation will assist in developing and implementing its vision and conveying it to the public
  • Volunteers provide an important link to the community
  • Volunteers bring their community connections (target groups, businesses and professional organizations) to the library
  • Volunteers can complement or enhance quality services to the public
  • Volunteers expand the library’s understanding of community needs and interests.  Volunteers also market the cultural, recreational, and educational resources of the library
  • Volunteers assist in fostering the use of the library as a center of lifetime learning for individuals and groups
  • Volunteers bring ability, new talent, ideas,  and time to the library

Volunteer Program Values

  • Our volunteers inspire curiosity and lifelong learning
  • Our volunteers are creative
  • Our volunteers are sound stewards of library resources
  • Our volunteers enhance and provide additional resources and services to the library but do not replace staff
  • Our volunteers work as partners with library staff
  • Our volunteers are valued

How can I apply to be a volunteer?
Please visit the Fredricksen and East Pennsboro Branch web sites and complete the interest form.  Both libraries have paper applications available for you to complete and return to the library. 
Volunteers must be willing to submit to criminal and child abuse background checks before placement. All volunteers are screened prior to placement via standard criminal registries (such as the National Sex Offender Public Registry). Prospective volunteers listed on standard criminal registries will not be placed for volunteer work.

What kind of jobs do volunteers do?
Volunteers may assist in various facets of the library operation except where it interferes with patron confidentiality and privacy. Some tasks are shelving materials, checking in materials and serving at the Coffee Corner. Additional options are noted on the Volunteer Application.

Do volunteers work a regular schedule, with minimum service hours?
Volunteers have options.  We encourage middle school students age 13 or older to give an hour a week. There are opportunities for those who want to give 2 hours or more a week on a regular day and time. 
Also, opportunities exist for those who want to volunteer but have variable schedules. Throughout the year the library has special projects which are a one time commitment.  If you have special interests or expertise and would like to assist the library, please contact the Human Resources Coordinator at 761-3900, ext. 252.

What if something comes up so that a volunteer cannot serve their shift on that day?
Volunteers can sign off on a calendar in their department if they know ahead of time.  Volunteers can also call the department where they volunteer to let the staff know they are unable to donate their time that week.

What do the Friends of Fredricksen Library and Friends of East Pennsboro Branch Library do?
The Friends are a group with the common interest of supporting the library primarily through fundraising but also legislative advocacy. The funds raised by the activities such as book sales, silent auctions, and special community events are used to enhance library programming and facilities.  Please visit our webpages to learn more about the Friends. Many of our Friends are also volunteers.

DOWNLOAD AND FILL OUT A VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (PDF)  Please download the application first, fill out and save and email to: ccsanchez@cumberlandcountylibraries.org





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August 30, 2023