Teen Murder Mystery

teen mystery5 pm – 8 pm via Zoom
Join us for a night of mystery solving and deception! We’re bringing our popular Murder Mystery event to the web! We'll be playing The Assasin Among the Crew. Register online in advance to get information about your character, then join us by Zoom to figure out whodunit! This program is for grades 7 - 12. 

SYNOPSIS: The Sphere of Solidarity controls the peace and harmony within the Universe. This artifact has been under the control and protection of a clandestine group of humans for centuries. The Sphere was recently transported from Area 51 to the Space Station Phoenix (SSP)– the newest modular station in low Earth orbit. Three participating agencies protect The Sphere: the International Aeronautics and Space Administration (IASA), Brannon Industries, and the United States Space Force (USSF).  Space Station Phoenix is an exclusive, top-secret project. Still, there have been rumblings that an enemy spy has infiltrated one of the three organizations who oversee and operate the station.  Every six months, the crew must switch out at the station and renew the supplies. Mission Firedrake launched last month with great success, and the previous team has already returned safely to Earth. The Firedrake crew is now in control of SSP, but something is awry. Commander Maroon doesn’t know who to trust and is afraid that something dreadful is on the horizon. If anything happens to The Sphere, the Universe will be catapulted into a dangerous state of disarray as never seen before.  You are part of the Firedrake crew who is on the station for a six-month stay.  This is where your story begins.  


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