Teen Murder Mystery

mysteryFriday, July 9 from 5 pm – 8 pm via Zoom
Join us for a night of mystery solving and deception! We’re bringing our popular Murder Mystery event to the web! Register online NOW to get information about your character, then join us by Zoom to figure out whodunit! This program is for grades 7 - 12.  Read more

SYNOPSIS: The Charmstone Academy's headmistress, Bellatrix Alatar, has called an emergency meeting in the Grand Dining Hall. All members of the faculty and student body of the academy are required to attend. You are unsure of what has happened but have heard rumors that someone might have cast one of the Dark Craft spells, which is strictly forbidden within the corridors of the castle. Bellatrix has banned all magic until after the meeting, so you are unable to use your wand. You are frustrated, as you must now accomplish tasks the hard way like the Ordins (non-magical humans). You cannot wait to get this meeting over with so everything can return to normal. You are getting your best dress robes ready for the meeting, as it is best if you make a good impression on Headmistress Alatar, as she is the most powerful witch this planet has ever seen. This is where your story begins.

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