German for Beginners

GERMAN7 pm – 8:30 pm via Zoom
Fredricksen Library is excited to offer a new series of online paid classes to learn the German language. Designed for learners who have had little or no previous exposure to the German language, the fun and relaxed environment will get you working on the basics of German grammar and conversation. The course is divided into sessions of 12 classes each and participants are invited to plan on attending at least two sessions to gain a basic grasp of the language. The instructor, Rick Gross, learned German as an adult while studying in Basel, Switzerland and later at a Goethe Institute before attending Heidelberg University. Although his career path took him in a different direction, he continued to keep up with the language by conversing with local native speakers, reading, and corresponding with contacts in Europe. He has also returned a number of times with his family to visit friends and tour. Rick is currently the coordinator of the Greater Harrisburg German Culture Group and attends weekly conversation sessions with other German speakers.

Classes are very easy to access. You will receive a Zoom link invitation; click on the link and you will be automatically directed to your classroom. During class time students will be learning and collaborating with the instructor’s help and direction. No specific technological skills are required. All you need is a computer/ laptop/tablet and a printer. Ages 16 and older. Cost: $100 for 12 classes. The free resources used in the sessions will all be available online, but Rick recommends participants purchase German for Dummies 5-in-1 if they are serious about learning the language. Registration begins December 1 online, by phone or in person at the library.

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