Film Fridays

smoke2:00 pm - 3:30 pm in the Community Room, Lower Level
Film Fridays are back! We’re opening our Indie/Foreign Film Friday series with a small change. Registration is required and we are only filling 50% capacity. Films are still free and fabulous! In Smoke Signals (USA), Arnold rescued Thomas from a fire when he was a child. Thomas thinks of Arnold as a hero, while Arnold's son resents his father's alcoholism, violence and abandonment of his family. Uneasy rivals and friends, Thomas and Arnold’s son spend their days killing time on a Coeur d'Alene reservation in Idaho and arguing about their cultural identities. When Arnold dies, the duo set out on a cross-country journey to Phoenix to retrieve Arnold's ashes. This Native American-themed story tells a familiar story from an underrepresented point of view, proving that a fresh perspective can help subvert long-established expectations. Rated PG-13. Registration begins October 15. Sponsored by Bill and Jane Murray.

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