This Crazy Election Year

How Did We Get Here? (Is This Election Really That Unusual?)

As we approach this summer's presidential conventions, is this election completely out of the framework of past elections? In the past, we saw scathing intra-party fights, candidates who claim that they never will they support the party's nominee, and tawdry personal laundry tossed about.  And in the past we saw generals, governors, senators and a mayor successfully win the presidency.  So does one tycoon running really make 2016 the most unusual election in modern times?  Come join Dr. Shirley Anne Warshaw, Professor of Political Science at Gettysburg College, as she walks us through this crazy(?) election year. No registration necessary. Presented in partnership with the World Affairs Council of Harrisburg.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 7:00pm

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