We're Open!

Library Director

openOn Monday, June 1, Fredricksen Library opened to the public. It’s been heart-warming.

People of all ages have expressed much gratitude that we are again open. They are willing to “mask up,” and to greet staff who are also masked. They stand quietly six feet apart. Those who are part of an “at risk” group, for age or for illness, can also utilize a special hour, just for them – Saturday, noon to 1 pm.

It IS quiet here, which feels a little unusual at Fredricksen. We’ve been called “the loud library” more than once in the past, as our activities spilled out of our doors. Our concerts and classes will need to wait for a little while longer. Our online activities are booming and Summer Reading 2020 starts today! Please see all of our programs on the website: www.fredricksenlibrary.org.

Folks are returning their items to our outside book drops, entering the library, some little ones are bringing their book lists checking out books and movies, then leaving. And that’s fine. For a while, we may all be more comfortable with the motto of an aircraft carrier for jets practicing landings on the flight deck: touch and go. We are fully stocked with hand sanitizer, our building is spotless, and we‘ve been closed to normal library business for two and a half months.

Please come in, if only to say “hello,” and let’s all get accustomed to being together again. We’ve really missed you.


June 2020