The Kid at 100: Celebrating a Chaplin Masterwork

CHAPLIN7:00 pm – 8:30 pm via Zoom
In 1921 Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid took the world by storm. The story of a penniless tramp who adopts an abandoned infant struck a powerful chord in the aftermath of a devasting war during which millions died and thousands of children were left orphaned. In “The Kid at 100” renowned mime artist and comedy choreographer Dan Kamin will reveal what keeps this film fresh, funny and incredibly moving to this day. Author of The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin: Artistry in Motion, Dan trained Robert Downey, Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance in Chaplin, after which Downey said, “Dan’s insights are amazing.”
Participants should view the film in advance on YouTube or on Kanopy, as it will not be shown during the program. Registration begins April 1 and closes May 10 at 9 pm.

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