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This page serves as a tribute to volunteers who gave their time to the library. 


Ashley Dietrich

Ashley Dietrich had been a volunteer in the children’s library since 2001 when she passed away on September 13, 2009. Ashley had a smile on her face every moment she was in the library. She enjoyed watching the children’s excitement when they would see all of the books, puppets and DVDs they could borrow to take home. She loved reading children’s books and her favorites were Good Night Moon, Make Room for Ducklings, and Charlotte’s Web. Volunteering in the children’s library was a natural fit for Ashley.

Many Summer Reading Celebrations have been made possible by a memorial donation in celebration of Ashley's life.


Joan Haufler

Joan Haufler volunteered over a 1,000 hours at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library from September 2, 1995 until August of 2015.  Joan assisted in the technical services department for those years.  She was a speedy and very accurate book cover volunteer.  Over the twenty years of volunteering, Joan touched thousands of books.  Joan enjoyed helping the library.  She also enjoyed  getting to be one of the first people to see the new materials.  Through the process, Joan discovered and challenged herself to read different topics that would not have been her typical choice.  Joan passed away January 2, 2016.



Thelma Kiner

Thelma Kiner was one of the founding community members of the East Pennsboro Branch Library. Thelma and her husband, Bob, felt strongly about the importance of a library and wanted to give back to the East Pennsboro community by volunteering at their local library. To honor Bob and Thelma’s commitment to the East Pennsboro Branch library, the children’s area was dedicated as Kiner’s Corner in March of 2013.  At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Thelma proudly opened the children’s library for all to enjoy the O-scale train scene specially designed for the enjoyment of the community.  At the ceremony, Thelma was heard telling tales of volunteering and sharing how important it is to give back to your community.  Thelma Kiner passed away Friday, July 10, 2015 at the age of 94. 

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Bob Kiner

Bob Kiner was one of the founding community members of the East Pennsboro Branch Library. Bob and his wife Thelma felt strongly about the importance of a library and wanted to give back to the East Pennsboro community. For over 20 years, appointments and meals in the Kiner family were scheduled around their Tuesday evening volunteer time. Bob’s true talent was covering books. He prided himself with taking a new book and, with the utmost precision, preparing the book for everyone to use. Many in the East Pennsboro community made it a point to visit the library on the night Bob and Thelma volunteered. With the help of others, their vision made the East Pennsboro Branch Library a community gathering center.  Bob Kiner passed away Sunday, September 26, 2010.

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Jackie King

Jackie King volunteered at the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library from 1991 to 2013.  She gave over 1,500 hours of volunteer service to the library. As the library’s needs changed, Jackie’s tasks evolved.  She took materials not pertinent to the library collection and processed and prepared the items to be placed on a free table available to the community.  She replaced cases of media materials that were broken.  This was a wonderful way to make the collections look appealing, which resulted in more check outs.  Jackie processed and distributed BookPage, a paper publication which showcased new releases.  Each individual paper needed to be stamped to acknowledge that this donation was from our Friends organization.  The barcoding of children’s materials as well as labeling and distributing phone books are some more of the jobs Jackie eagerly completed for the library. 

No matter what task she was given, Jackie completed her work with enthusiasm, competence and accuracy.  She was a terrific asset to our library, and we heartily recognized her as Volunteer of the Year in 2010. Jackie passed away March 25, 2015.




Kay Wolf

Kay was a staff member of the West Shore Library where she worked at the circulation desk. She could often be seen marching in the Memorial Day Parade as part of the Book Cart Drill Team. Once Kay retired, she continued to support the library by volunteering. She overcame the challenge of learning the computer in order to check in materials and help the library. Kay was known to have a contagious smile and a lively disposition. Volunteers, staff and patrons were always delighted when Kay would tell a story or share a memory. Kay Wolf passed away on July 23, 2012. She will be missed.

Linda Wevodau

Linda was one of the original volunteers of the East Pennsboro Branch Library. As time progressed, she continued to give back to her community by working in a variety of library staff positions including Branch Director. Linda always greeted every patron by name. At the annual Pumpkinfest Friends of East Pennsboro Branch Library Book Sale, Linda was present from dawn until dusk. She tirelessly helped to raise funds for the branch library. Linda Wevodau passed away on April 12, 2011.  She will be remembered as someone who cared deeply about the Branch and about the patrons she served.


Ralph Romberger

Ralph Romberger volunteered at Fredricksen for over 20 years doing a variety of tasks from carding books to organizing magazines. Side-by-side with his wife, Jo, they worked together giving back to their community. Ralph passed away on April 21, 2010.



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