Volunteer Highlights 2013

Volunteers – Thank you for your time and dedication!

On Saturday April 20, our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was held to thank over 200 of our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our library. This wonderful group ranges in age from 12 to 86 years young. Many volunteers were acknowledged for their hundreds of hours of service and Irm Smawley of Fredricksen Library and Ella Mae Erford of East Pennsboro Branch were honored as the nominated United Way Volunteers of the Year. A special thank you to Thomas Malin, M.D., Gregg and Bette Aversa and the Friends of Fredricksen Library for underwriting the event.

Volunteers are the backbone of our library. They check in materials, shelve books and media items, keep the magazine area neat, maintain the community bulletin board, locate materials and assist in indoor plant care. They also prepare new items for the public, prepare old items to be withdrawn from our collection, mend and bind books and clean audiovisual materials.

In addition to our library volunteers, the Friends of Fredricksen Library and the Friends of East Pennsboro Library give hours of time and energy at fundraising events such as book sales, silent auctions and bake sales. They also volunteer their time advocating for the needs of the library to local, state and federal officials. This year the Friends of Fredricksen Library honored Diana Kerr and the Friends of East Pennsboro Branch Library honored Ed Bomgardner as Friends of the Year.

The Board of Trustees is a volunteer board and donates numerous hours of oversight and guidance pertaining to administration of the library. In conjunction with the library director, they are responsible for the fiscal well being of the library and help to set policy.

Fredricksen and the East Pennsboro Branch could not operate without volunteers. These individuals help to stretch the tax dollar and greatly expand the reach of library services.

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What is that wonderful aroma floating through the library? It’s the smell of freshly brewed coffee, wafting from The Coffee Corner @ Fredricksen! On weekdays from 9:30 am – 11:30 am, our volunteer baristas brew fragrant and delicious coffees in the Lower Lobby. We offer special coffee blends each month, all of which are purchased wholesale straight from Camp Hill’s Cornerstone Coffeehouse. Becoming a volunteer barista was a new volunteer opportunity in 2012 and we are looking to add more baristas! If you are interested in volunteering, contact us. 

United Way 2013 Volunteer of the Year

Fredricksen Nominee - Irm Smawley

Irm Smawley has volunteered at Cleve J. Fredricksen Library since September 1, 1993. She has given over 4,125 hours to the library. Her responsibilities have been to check in materials returned by customers, shelve those materials, look on the shelves for materials requested by customers and route those materials to the customers. Although Irm is one volunteer, she is dedicated to the library. She wants everyone in the community to embrace the library as the center of the community and enjoy all that is available through our library. Irm is at the library Monday and Friday morning. While most library volunteers donate about two hours per day, staff has been known to “kick out” Irm after giving six hours of her day to the library. She will take neighbor’s books to make those neighbor’s lives enjoyable and speaks her mind about the importance of libraries in the community. Irm also volunteers one day a week at the Bethany Village library. A native of Berlin Germany, Irm now calls Camp Hill home. She has worked for the Camp Hill School District in the library and now at Fredricksen Library, Irm continues to enjoy the connection with families. She has the support of staff, volunteers and customers when she needs. Irm thinks she needs us but the library knows we need her!

United Way 2013 Volunteer of the Year

East Pennsboro Branch Nominee - Ella Mae Erford

Ella Mae has been a Monday morning library volunteer for nearly ten years. During this time she has become very familiar with the library, its operations and customers. She currently volunteers about 14 hours a month. Every Monday morning the library anticipates handling a huge volume of books and media items that have been dropped in the outdoor bins throughout the weekend. All these materials require processing. She efficiently handles each item and sends it on its next journey. While handling book and media drops she also processes returning items from our customers. In this way, Ella Mae contributes invaluably to the library’s operations. Ella Mae offers great suggestions for improvements that have resulted in greater efficiency. She takes initiative in resolving issues and works to streamline and improve the library’s day to day operations.

2013 Friend of the Year Fredricksen Library - Diana Kerr

Diana Kerr has volunteered at Fredricksen Library since 2002. She began volunteering by taking on the responsibility of caring for the indoor plants and also shelving non-fiction books as time allowed every week. As the needs of the library continued to expand, Diana offered to assist with sorting book donations. The lead book sorter volunteer retired, so Diana saw a need in the library and stepped up. She took the evolving task of sorting donated items and then elevated it to the next level. Though research she found an organization called Better World Books to send materials that are in good condition but would not typically sell at a book sale at Fredricksen. The organization sells the materials on-line. The Friends receive a portion of the proceeds and a designated worldwide organization also receives funds. Diane has worked with the library, volunteers and Friends of Fredricksen to fulfill many needs of the community. We greatly appreciate all she has accomplished and look forward to her future ideas and initiatives.

2013 Friend of the Year East Pennsboro Branch - Ed Baumgardner

Ed Baumgardner was recruited by Marge Beaner, a former EP Branch volunteer and current Friends member, several years ago. He came to help with one of our big book sales in the gym and has never left us. Ed has been a true ‘Friend’ in every sense of the word. Ed is a very dedicated volunteer. He started by moving boxes of books around and helping to set up the book sales. He has progressed from helping to running the book sales. He determines which books are in good enough condition for our sales and discards those that aren’t. Ed determines all the dates for our sales and has developed a working relationship with East Pennsboro Township. He has worked directly with the township manager, which has resulted in a donated room in the township building where Ed can leave the books set up all the time. On book sale days, Ed provides great customer service by helping the customer find their book(s), and if he doesn’t have what the customer is looking for, he tells them he’ll be on the lookout for it. He has also taken on making arrangements and picking up cartons of donated books when the Friends of Fredricksen have donations for the East Pennsboro Friends. Ed has been and is a great volunteer who has helped to raise thousands of dollars since joining the East Pennsboro Friends group.  We appreciate all Ed does for us and hope he’ll be with us for a long, long time.

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