Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2021

oscarsApril 16 - April 30 2021, Online at your convenience!
Never fear! The Oscar Shorts are available to screen virtually this year! Register for whichever genre(s) you would like to watch and you will receive a link(s) so you can screen them from the comfort of your own home any time from April 16 - April 30. At time of registration, you will have to set up an account with eventive.com or use your Facebook account to log in. You will have 72 hours to view each genre once you have begun watching. 1 ticket covers 1 screening by an entire household. Registration is necessary to access films. Registration begins April 1 at 9:00 am. Sponsored by Jane and Bill Murray.

Documentary Shorts Details: Adult themes and language. Please note that HUNGER WARD is a very intense look at child hunger in Yemen and the program is very much not for young audiences.

Live Action Shorts Details: Adult themes and language. One of the better Live Action programs in recent years.

Animated Shorts: The program overall, while excellent, deals with some tough issues and a few of the films are not suitable for children under 12. In IF ANYTHING HAPPENS, parents mourn their child, killed in a school shooting. GENIUS LOCI contains adult language, smoking, and very brief nudity.


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