What's your story: James Hayney

James Hayney photoMy Library

by James Hayney

My library is the Fredricksen in the borough of Camp Hill

And each year its bar of excellence gets higher still.

For instance, they now email me when my book will soon be overdue

Even though that kindness must lose them needed revenue,

Which they desperately need for the funding keeps going the wrong way

Dashing ones hope for it to be open every day.


For the library is the last bastion of excellent service that is free

Staffed with pleasant patient people whose source is a mystery to me.

Like the Reference team who answer any question concerning any book  

Then will even go into the stacks with you and help you look.

And if it’s not on the shelf, they’ll order it thru interlibrary loan

Then they follow up with a, ‘it is in,’ message at my home.


The Fredricksen has a section for teenagers and a huge children’s area on the lower floor,

My grandkids first stop after they say hello at the door.

James Hayney at a podiumLoaded with books and music on tape or CD

Did I mention all this is free?

Plus a wide range of magazines and newspapers like the New York Times,

Hi Tech WIFI and computers for you to go on line.


They also provide community outdoor concerts in the summer,

A place to meet for various groups and a venue for dance troupes.

For them, they put down a platform so we can see their feet

As a lifetime dancer wanna be, that is a real treat!

And for all this all you need is a library card, which is now plastic.

My library, The Fredricksen, Free, and Fantastic!

James Hayney with web address www.lookingforalincoln.com











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