Exhibit Information

Cleve J. Fredricksen Library has multiple exhibition spaces available for area artists to display their works and for individuals to share their unique collections. Individuals and non-profit groups can promote their art, activities, history, cultural heritage and/or current projects.

Past exhibitors have included: 

  • Area schools displaying student artwork
  • Photographers & photography groups
  • Painters, sculpters, textile artists, craftsmen
  • Area environmental groups
  • Non-profit, support & cultural groups
  • Historical societies and community groups
  • Collectors of coins, board games, cameras, WWII memorabilia, vintage radios, cameras, model railroads, and other unique collections

Display Policy

The Fredricksen Library encourages exhibits by community clubs, organizations, schools, and individuals.

The library displays materials from recognized non-partisan groups in the community who have cultural, historical, educational, recreational non-partisan purposes with open membership. The content of all exhibits must be appropriate to be viewed by all ages. The library does not promote partisan viewpoints and reserves the right to reject any display that is partisan in nature. The library reserves the right to place limits on location, duration and size of exhibits. Exhibitions do not imply endorsement by the library. Due to the high level of interest in our exhibit space, and to provide a variety of displays, the frequency of exhibits by organizations or individuals is limited to a maximum of once every other year. In-house fundraising and volunteer displays are also scheduled and take priority over outside exhibitors.  Typically, the front lobby display case schedule is filled a year in advance with some exceptions, or cancellations. 

The library does not allow displays for the sole purpose of promoting commercial businesses/sales. Exhibited items may not be labeled with prices. If items are for sale, the exhibitor may provide a price list complete with contact information, copies of which may be placed on a table in the lobby. The library will not handle any sales transactions or questions.

Fredricksen Library respectfully asks commercial exhibitors (artists with pieces for sale) for a donation of one piece from the displayed work. This donation would then be used in fundraising events such as the Friends Silent Auction. Donated pieces will be recognized as provided by the artist.

The display areas are booked for a one month time period. Bookings may be made up to one year in advance. Installation dates and times must be agreed upon with library staff, and must be flexible depending on incoming and outgoing exhibitors and staff schedules.

All displays are installed and removed completely by the exhibitor. Many choose to bring help for the installation. For the hanging gallery, arrangements can be made for a ladder to be available when you arrive.

All groups and individuals must sign a display agreement. Copies will be signed by authorized library personnel and the displayer and will be kept on file at the library.

The library does not provide insurance coverage for items on display; therefore, it is the responsibility of the person or group displaying the items to arrange for its own insurance coverage if necessary.

Please fill out the interest form and email back to fredmarketing@cumberlandcountylibraries.org

Exhibit Areas and Specifications

lobby caseFront Lobby Display Case

Case dimensions: 12' L x 3 ½' H X 14” D

9 glass adjustable shelves available

Cork surface backing suitable for tacking covered with black fabric (your own background or fabric may be placed on top)

All tacks, pins, easel stands, tape, etc. must be supplied by the exhibitor. Sliding glass doors with keyed locks with keys kept at Reference. Upon arrival to install your exhibit, the case will be unlocked by staff & locked when you are finished.


Community Gallery (Lower Level)

Total approximate wall space is 30 feet (combination of all walls together). Approximate wall height is 8 feet. Space accommodates anywhere between 15 – 20 artworks depensing on the size. High visibility due to location directly outside of Ruggaber Community Room (where many library programs are held) & Pollock Children's Library.

Arakawa Hanging System

Uses braided wire cables, rail mount tracking for easy movement, and metal hook grippers Gripper hooks attach to cables for smooth vertical mobility and can hang two or three works per cable. Each hook supports 50 lbs of weight, and two hooks can be used per piece to ensure level hanging. Hooks use a mechanical release function to prevent slippage and are very reliable.

Community Bulletin Board Guidelines (Upper Level)

  • All items must be placed in the basket in the reference manager’s office for review and approval. Sponsoring agency/institution must be non-profit
  • Post items that: Advertise community and cultural events
  • Items to be posted may be:
    • Delivered to the Information Desk
    • Sent as an email attachment to the library’s mailbox
    • Sent via US Mail
    • Sent via Fax 717-761-3093

Posted items:

  • Must be initialed by a member of the reference staff
  • Are added once each week
  • Are displayed close to the date of the event
  • Held at Fredricksen Library by an outside group should have a disclaimer



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August 05, 2022