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Cleve J. Fredricksen Library located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, seeks an innovative, collaborative, dynamic, community-minded leader with public library management and administrative experience for the position of Library Director.  The library is in the scenic and historic Susquehanna Valley.  Its home is on the West Shore across the Susquehanna River from the State Capital, Harrisburg.  The region is a large (population 549,475) dynamic and growing community with many museums, cultural venues and events.  There are four universities and colleges and two law schools.  The area is served by a number of interstates, U.S. routes and state highways that connect residents within two hours to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.


The mission of the Cleve J. Fredricksen Library is to transform lives through the power of information, imagination, and ideas

The vision for the Library is to be the center of resources and opportunities that meets the education, recreational and cultural needs of our communities

Fredricksen AtriumThe Cleve J. Fredricksen Library (formerly known as the West Shore Public Library) opened to the public in a newly built 37,000 square foot Arts and Crafts-style facility on January 11, 2001.  The library is located in Camp Hill, in eastern Cumberland County, PA. Current staff is composed of 54 part-time employees and 8 full-time employees. There are 200+ volunteers scheduled weekly who perform a variety of duties such as shelving and special projects. The Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) has a number of volunteers from Fredricksen providing delivery services through the Service to Adult Readers (STAR) program.

East Pennsboro Library was established in 1985 as a branch of Fredricksen Library (then West Shore Public Library) and was started by volunteers from the local AARP group.  It’s the only branch library in Cumberland County Library System.  The Branch is located on the ground floor of the East Pennsboro Township municipal building in Enola, PA.  The space is just less than 2,000 square feet with additional access to the large EPBCommissioners Room next door for programming.  The Township doesn’t charge rent and covers utility costs, except for phone.  The Branch shares the ground floor with the Senior Center and the Friends of East Pennsboro Library bookstore, Hooked on Books, which raises money to support the Library. The Branch currently has a one full-time Branch Director, one part-time Branch Assistant, four part-time Circulation Assistants, and one part-time Program Specialist.  Eight volunteers assist with check-in, shelving, and locating materials.  The Branch has a small-town library feel to it and very loyal patrons!  Most patrons prefer to browse rather than put items on hold ahead of time.

Fredricksen Library is a member of the Cumberland County Library System (CCLS) which is a federated system of seven (7) independent libraries.  Each library has its own board, budget and staff, and has agreed to cooperate in providing library service to the residents of Cumberland County.  Services shared are: county- wide library policies, county owned and maintained computers, book ordering and processing and training for staff and trustees. As a result, each library receives a share of the Cumberland County Library Tax, which is disseminated according to a formula.  Each of the libraries, regardless of size, has one representative from its board on the County Library System Board with an alternate also appointed.  Fredricksen and the Branch are considered one library.

service area map

The Capital Area Library District, one of 29 in the Commonwealth, is made up of public libraries in the three county region of Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties.  Each district has a district library center (DCL) to oversee and provide additional administrative services that an individual library could not afford such as: eBooks available on the Overdrive platform and a delivery service between libraries to facilitate sharing of catalog items. Fredriksen’s district library center is in the Dauphin County Library System which provides interlibrary loan delivery and consulting services.

Fredricksen Library’s service area consists of:  Camp Hill Borough, East Pennsboro Township, Hampden Township, Lemoyne Borough, Lower Allen Township, and Wormleysburg Borough. Service areas are assigned by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries and are required for state reporting services.  
The total population residing in Fredricksen’s service area is 82,000 individuals (2010 census). The municipalities vary in physical size, from Wormleysburg Borough being less than 1 square mile to Hampden Township at over 17 square miles, and in population, from Wormleysburg Borough at 3,000 to Hampden Township at 28,000.

programsCollections and Services
The Cleve J. Fredricksen Library has approximately 139,630 items in its collection including magazines, newspapers, books, audio books, eBooks, music on CD, DVD;s, Learning kits, puppets, and reference materials.  In the Fredricksen adult non-fiction print collection the most popular sections are History, Biography, Diet & Health, Cookbooks, and the Arts. This hasn’t changed much in the past ten years!  Overall, the most popular adult sections are (in this order) non-fiction, fiction, DVD’s, and audiobooks. The circulation at Fredricksen in 2019 was 631,253 items with 248,359 walk-in patrons and 218,011 virtual visits.  Fredricksen offers children’s, teens, and adults programming including: Discovery Area and Kits for children, story times, STEM activities, Teen Advisory Group, book groups, writing workshops, Daytime Academy – an opportunity for adults to learn foreign languages, attend information programs, and the Business and Career Center offering courses and informative technology sessions. Foreign Film night and outdoor concerts on the lawn are offered as well as musical groups and performances to enhance holiday and summer reading programs.

The East Pennsboro Branch has approximately 15,000 items. In the East Pennsboro Branch adult non-fiction print collection, the most popular sections are History, Biography, Diet & Health, Cookbooks, and Social Sciences. Overall, the most popular adult sections are (in this order) fiction, DVD’s, non-fiction, and mystery.  In the East Pennsboro juvenile collection, the most popular sections are (in this order) picture books, fiction, level books, and DVD’s.  The total circulation activity is typically in the upper 80,000’s in a normal year.  Most circulation comes from epb programsEast Pennsboro Township (47%), with Hampden Township second (16%).  The collection budget is $21,000 (to compare, Fredricksen’s is $168,000).  Statistics from the two libraries are combined for purposes of State and County funding.
The Branch offers mostly adult and children’s programming, with bi-annual college prep programs for teens in cooperation with local schools.  The most well-attended programs are story times, craft programs, food programs, and other family-oriented programs (such as performers or holiday-themed program).  Program attendance is usually 5,000  in a typical year.

Since some items can have a long holds list, there are two special services to help patrons who are interested in getting items faster.

  • Fredbox is a DVD rental service that allows patrons to pay a $2 rental fee for select in-demand DVD’s and keep them for 3 days.  The library still purchases copies of high demand DVD’s for regular check-out – this is just another option.
  • Leap the Line allows patrons to pay $10 for a high-demand title ($20 for Large Print) with an existing holds line, be first in line for that item, and keep it for twice the normal borrowing period.  Once the item is returned, other patrons can benefit from the initial patron’s generosity.

In 2020, additional funds were allocated to eBooks and eAudiobooks due to increased demand for e-resources during the shutdown and subsequent months, and this will be a permanent part of the collection budget (although at lower amounts than in 2020).

In mid-2021, CCLS will begin using RFID for circulation and collection management.  Libraries began adding RFID tags to their collections in fall 2020, and most libraries should be finished with this process by the end of April 2021. RFID will allow staff and patrons at self-checkouts to check out a stack of items at one time instead of scanning items individually, which will be faster and easier for all.  Many of the larger libraries, including Fredricksen, also have RFID gates at their exits for added security.

Library services include:

  • programsBusiness and Career Center (BCC)            
  • Kunkel Creation Station ( STEM Lab)
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)                    
  • Book Sales, Auctions 
  • Self-Checkout Stations                    
  • Meeting Rooms
  • eDevice classes and Device Kiosk                
  • Programs for Children, Teens and Adults
  • Renewals by phone & online                
  • Parent and Teacher Collections
  • Homebound delivery (STAR)                
  • Internet/computer access (includes WI-FI)
  • Tax Forms, Fax and Copier services            
  • Daytime Academy classes for adults
  • Book discussion groups                    
  • Internet access to databases/collections
  • Teen Advisory Group                    
  • Discovery Area and Kits for children
  • Tween (older children) Area and Programs    
  • Coffee Corner

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For many more photos of the happenings at Fredricksen & East Pennsboro Branch, see our Flikr page

Social Media: Fredricksen facebook  |  Fredricksen instagram  |  East Pennsboro facebook

The library and branch have an operating budget of $1,542,433.00 and an investment fund of $1,380,777.00 (7/31/2020).   A certain percentage of the interest earned on the investment account may be used for general operating expenses with up to 3% for the operating budget and 1% for the building fund per the Library Spending Policy. The investment funds are currently invested with Fulton Financial
The branch space, utilities, and maintenance are provided by East Pennsboro Township. The Fredricksen building mortgage has been paid in full as of May 15, 2008.  A separate mortgage for the adjoining property purchased at 1938 Walnut Street, now the lower level parking lot, is held by M & T Bank.  The mortgage balance is $158,930 (7/31/2020)
The libraries fiscal year runs from January1-December 21st and the library operates on a cash basis.  Brown, Schultz, Sheridan and Fritz serves as the library’s auditing firm.

Fredricksen Library and the Branch receive 70% of their income from governmental sources:

  • Cumberland County library tax, which is 3 mils, based on real estate.  Income from the library tax in 2019 was $839,947 or about 54% of the budget
  • State Aid income for 2019 was $227,861 or 15% of the budget
  • Local municipal support was $17,600 or about 1% of the budget

The remaining 30% of the budget comes from local funds such as grants, the annual appeal, spring appeal, trustee appeal, various fundraising events, fines and fees, donations from individuals, clubs and organizations, and the Friends of the Library groups.

The funds generated from CCLS Library tax are distributed among the 7 libraries based on a distribution formula. The components of the distribution formula are:

  • Equalization (17%)
  • Poverty (6%) 
  • Incentive for Local Financial Effort (5%) 
  • Operating Hours (2%) 
  • Library Cards (10%) 
  • Circulation Desk Activity (45%) 
  • Program Attendance (10%) 
  • Computer/Wi-Fi Use (5%)

Statistics are gathered quarterly from each library and compiled into an annual report by CCLS.  Statistics are based on the calendar year January 1-December 31 and are released by CCLS to the member libraries in February of the next year. Statistics from Fredricksen and the Branch are combined for the purposes of State and county funding.

Director Relationships
Board of Trustees

Fredricksen and the Branch are governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of 19 individuals.  Thirteen members are elected at-large and can serve two 3-year terms.  Each of the six municipalities appoints one member and each appointed member serves a one-year term (renewable).  Two non-voting trustee positions were added in 2002 for representation from the Friends of Fredricksen and the Friends of East Pennsboro Libraries.  Former trustees may participate as non-voting associate members on the Board and as representatives to CCLS. The Board meets six times per year and the Director attends these meetings and reports on the state of the library at each one.
The Board has six standing committees that make policies and oversee operations of the libraries: Development, Executive, Facilities, Finance, Governance/Nominating, and Personnel.  Other committees may be established to address issues emerging from the strategic planning process.  The director and staff work together to gather information, and statistics, or draft proposed policies and procedures to present to committees for consideration.  The committees review, revise and adapt them to Fredricksen’s and the Branch’s needs.  The committees then make recommendations to the Board for adoption by the full Board. The Director is an ex officio member of all committees except for Nominating.
The Board is responsible for reviewing yearly goals with each Director and evaluating performance each year in November.  The Board works directly with the Director in committees, at board meetings, and in the library and community setting to accomplish the objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan and to plan for the future.

FriendsFriends of Fredricksen and Friends of EP Branch
The Friends of Cleve J. Fredricksen Library is a separate 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support Fredricksen Library in its efforts to serve the local community by conducing fund raising activities and special events; promoting the library services and needs; generating volunteer interest and opportunities; and addressing public policy issues related to libraries.  A plan of action to address the needs identified by the library is presented annually for approval to the Friends’ membership.  Any and all fund generated by Friends shall be directed toward library projects at the discretion of the Friends of Cleve J. Fredricksen Library Executive Board.  Annual dues of $25/person are collected during the first few months of the year.  Members are encouraged to donate time and talent as needed toward the major fund raisers – two book and media sales, a basket raffle in coordination with a theatre night, and an online silent auction.  Donation Station, a book donation spot, is held the first weekend of each month.  The annual meeting is held mid-January for the purpose of electing officers and approving the budget.  Library department requests for needs outside the operating budget are the basis for library donations from our fund raising the previous year. Friends donations average $40,000/year. Our latest project is supplying five Little Free Libraries, three in Lemoyne and two in Wormleysburg, with seed books and library information.
The Friends of East Pennsboro raise money and provide support for the East Pennsboro Branch.  They sponsor and work the Pumpkin Fest booth at Adams Ricci Park in the fall and serve punch and cookies to families who come to visit Santa for a picture session in December.  They also run ongoing book sales and manage the used book store.  Both Friends groups are members of Pennsylvania for Better Libraries provide their tax exempt status and to whom 990’s are sent for filing.
The Director and board members attend Friends events and fund raisers to support their activities and thank them for their contributions in time and talent.

Library System
Fredricksen and the Branch have one elected representative to the CCLS Board along with an alternate chosen from the board to serve a three year term.  CCLS Board meets monthly at CCLS Headquarters to pass county wide policies and share activities at member libraries.  Library Directors meet on a monthly basis with CCLS.  Board treasurers are part of the CCLS Finance committee. A second representative is elected by the Board of Trustees to serve a three year term on the CCLS Foundation board. The Foundation board meets quarterly to discuss grants from large corporations and foundations outside the county that are solicited for donations to fund: the summer reading programs, eBook and eAudiobook purchases available on the district’s overdrive platform, and other enhancements which are available to all seven libraries.

Municipal Leaders
Municipal representatives inform the board about activities in their municipality and maintain the Fredricksen Serves wall located across from the coffee corner on the lower level.  Newsletters, fundraisers and community events are updated there.  Municipal representatives attend borough council and township board meetings and solicit funding for the library.  They keep officials up to date on library services and programs.  
Breakfast meetings at the library sponsored by Development bring municipal leaders up to date on library accomplishments and plans on a yearly basis. The Director is encouraged to attend one municipal meeting/year in each of the service areas.

Compensation and Benefits
Starting Salary Range:  $62,000 to $70,000 depending on experience

How to Apply
Please submit a cover letter, current resume, and three references to Director Search Committee  at   

Deadline for applications:  July 31st, 2021

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