Daytime Academy

Lifelong Learning with Daytime Academy at Fredricksen

   Lifelong learning, the ongoing pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional enrichment, is a concept well-supported by library collections and programs.  As we like to say at Fredricksen:  Join in!  Engage your mind! Learn something new!  The Daytime Academy offers opportunities to do it all…
   Thanks to a generous donation from the Harsco Corporation, honoring the memory of Derek. C. Hathaway, the dream of a Daytime Academy has become a reality.
   Mr. Hathaway served as Harsco’s Chairman and CEO from 1994 to 2007, having come to the United States from the United Kingdom.   Under his leadership, Harsco grew its operations to more than 45 countries worldwide.  As current Harsco President and CEO, Nick Grasberger says, “Derek Hathaway’s contributions to Harsco and to society speak to an extraordinary man who fully dedicated his immense talents, energy and wisdom to the greater good.”
   Mr. Hathaway was also a lifelong learner.  We are so pleased to be able to honor his enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge with our newly created Daytime Academy.
   The Academy brings together a wide variety of classes which have the following in common:  you’ll learn something, you’ll have fun, and they all take place while the sun is still up! 
   Enjoy reading and talking about books with others?  Daytime Academy offers Great Stories and Curl Up With the Classics.  Enjoy making the most of life, at whatever age you find yourself?  Enroll in Prime Time.  Want to practice speaking in a foreign language with others?  Join one of the Language at the Library full-immersion conversational groups. Want to learn about complex current events and engage in discussions with experts?  Great Decisions offers the opportunity.  Enjoy cooking and cookbooks?  How about combining them?  Cookbook Club offers both.  Finally, for those who enjoy learning about and appreciating music, Notable Notes begins in winter 2017. 
   The Daytime Academy is guaranteed to expand your vision and develop your curiosity.  We are honored to have the support of Harsco in this new, and exciting venture.



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September 12, 2019