2021 Annual Appeal

Dear Friend,
A few months ago, we asked our patrons what they love about the Fredricksen Library and East Pennsboro Branch. From the feedback we received, it was evident that every patron loves the library for a different reason. For some, it’s the variety of books and media, for others, it’s free Wi-Fi and computer access.

However, it was clear that whether a patron comes in for a recent best-seller, to attend a program, or with a question about a research topic, at the end of the day, it’s the connection made with a community member, volunteer, or staff member that leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back through our doors.

Your support will allow the Fredricksen Library and East Pennsboro Branch to continue to provide vital resources and community connections to you and your neighbors. With your donation, the libraries can offer new and exciting materials, engaging and creative programs, and important educational services. Every gift, no matter how large or small, makes it possible for your library to better serve
the entire community. Please consider making a gift today!






Stephanie Andrejack

Annual appeal

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October 12, 2021